Illegal aliens

Recent surveys by ABC News Network and the New York Times signify that uncontrolled illegal immigration to the United States threatens to increase the unemployment rate in the United States. The main reason behind this is that illegal aliens are most likely to acquire employment for a cheaper salary, in contrast to legal migrants and valid American citizens demand for minimum to above minimum compensation.

The economic impact of the presence of illegal immigrants not just limited to increase in unemployment, as the labor market of illegal migrants would mean lower salaries (Borjas, 11), the salaries of the native workers will decrease as well, in effect the native workers will be moving to a different state where compensation is more reasonable (Borjas, 11). Since the United States economy is a chain of multi-state economies, a weak link in the chain would cause damage to the economy as a whole (Borjas, 11). Possible Solutions

In spite of the toll being taken by the United States’ economy and national security, there ar still plausible and effective counter-measures for the relentlessly increasing and recurring cases of illegal immigration. One such possible solution to the problem is the issuance of national identification cards to all American Citizens. The National ID system which will contain all of a person’s vital information such as name, place of birth, social security nume\ber among others will provide a decrease in identity theft.

This way, authorities and ordinary people will have grounds of acquiring information if ever suspicious characters are lurking around. The concept national identity cards will hasten the government in capturing illegal aliens, for the reason that illegal aliens will be forced to use their real names if ever they are asked for national identity cards. In addition they will no longer be able to use aliases and fictitious names if ever the need to verify their identification arises.

Declan McCullagh implies that a national identification system can have a key feature that will ultimately determine a person’s identity, in this case if that person is an illegal immigrant or not through the use of biometrics such as retinal scans, finger prints, and DNA. Through biometric information, a person’s identification and identity will not be stolen or falsified. In addition, national identity cards will hinder means of entry in the form of fraudulentmarriage.

It is undeniably rampant that most illegal aliens venture into fraudulent pre-nuptial agreements to attain legal status in the United States. Through the principles of the national identification card, any illegal immigrants attempt to acquire legal status without due process will be hindered. Border management is another plausible solution to the never-ending problem of illegal immigration. The General Accounting Office of the United States suggest a more thorough manner of guarding state borders such as the Mexican state border.

Moreover, a strict compliance to tighter border security policies will avoid any attempts illegal immigration.

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