If you want to make enemies, try to change something

I have not ridden a bicycle in many years. I rode eight miles on a bike this weekend. My left ankle is very sore, my back is sore and I have black along with blue marks on both of my very tender arches. Consequently, of my changing an exercising habit, I am experiencing pain. Change often causes pain, not only physically, but also emotionally. The same is true for you and the same is true for organizations. Thus, we should not be surprised when change causes pain, nor when people choose to be enemies rather than face the pain of change.

At the same time, in today's rapid-paced environment, it is important for us to understand that the future is not based upon the past but rather upon our ability to adapt to the continuously changing present. We must therefore continuously improve or we will fail. Thus, a quote that emphasises the notion in relation to ' change' is; "If you want to make enemies, try to change something" This quote emphasises how any hostile group of people; have different perspective in relation to my occupation, "he viewed lawyers as the real enemy.

" "This storm is certainly a change for the worse," I said, standing outside the Supreme Court of NSW. I felt incredible in deep down inside. As I was walking towards the gigantic door of the Court, an unexpected intense voice called my name " hey Uzzi wait". As soon as I turn around to see who actually shouted my name, I saw cops surrounding Mack Lox (Rap Artist), intending to bring him in the court for the Trial. I felt fear inside, as the cops when pass me by, holding Lox tight.

There I knew, today's trial disappearing to cause an change; make different; cause a transformation; "The discussion which will take inside the court, actually will modify my philosophy about the issue". Today is based on bring Justice for the innocence, confronting fear, making another enemy or is it based on bring the legal system down by being corrupt, "is money what you want", "another hostile criminal walks out for an brutal crime", "another innocent person dies inside" is this what you want?

I felt fear, sweaty, as I never have before in my life, since this is my test of honour ship to the legal system. Therefore, I asked my self, should I take the path to bias, which will make me rich, corrupt, prejudice or should I take the path to equitable, which the god will show me the way by being just, impartial, fair. Although this will not make me a rich man as promptly but it will give me happiness, love, etc.