Identify and Allocate Costs

The operations devised by the organization need to be enabled in the best manner possible so that it can be used by the customers and provide him with the purpose it holds. To devise operations is only half the task done, but to enable it in the best manner possible is the task that needs to be taken care of so that the operations are fully utilized by the user. Procure IT Resources For Amazon. com to establish itself as one of the best e-commerce site around the globe ever produced, it needs to make sure that its resources are used in the most effective manner possible.

Since, its entire business is based online; therefore its priorities for resources should be its Human Resource, IT software and other IT related matters. It should strive for perfection in order to attain these resources and have their optimal turnover in order to gain overall organizational efficiency. Manage Changes The only thing constant in life is change; hence organizations need to inculcate in their future plan the dealing with change effectively in order to overcome the threat of becoming obsolete.

“The difference in those who succeed and those who fail must be found in the capability to organize the processes and routines regulating the interaction between the assets. In most of the successful cases (Dell, Amazon. com, Schwab) you will see a re-engineering of the internal business processes in order to meet the demands and opportunities of E-commerce” (Henee, 1999). Install and Accredit Solutions and Changes In order to manage change in the best manner possible, an organization should have predefined solutions for changes in place.

The employees in order to be aware of all the solutions of the change occurring in the environment should be educated in by the people who have its best knowledge. Not only do the changes need to be managed but a solution devised for it needs to be managed as well. As an organization whose employees have little knowledge of it is of no use. Amazon. com to deal with the dynamic environment has introduced numerous products and services to meet the demand.

Hence, after the planning, it is utmost important to acquire the best method in which to implement the planned solutions. For the implementation to be done it should be made sure that the two most important factors of change and resources are managed in the most efficient way possible. The job is not done even after implementation, but to deliver the desired result and to support it in case of occurrence of any queries as well in order to pursue its success. The service levels needs to be managed by Amazon.

com very effectively in order to make sure as “Service level management is crucial to any organization planning to make production use of enterprise SOA—no matter how far along the adoption path they are”. Initially the management is not that rigorous but “Once you’ve migrated to more complex, federated services-based systems, you need to evaluate service level goals over extended periods of time, across continuous and discontinuous processes and prioritize shared SOA application resources by relevant business context—such as customer type, product line or business unit” (Service Level Management, 2007).

At times for the organization to function best, it has to outsource some of its resources in order to cover the resources that it does not have and capitalize on the resource that it posses. Hence, these sources need to be managed in the best manner possible for it to get as efficient as possible. The third party can at times be a nuisance if it is not dealt with in the most efficient and effective manner possible. If Amazon.

com feels that the products and services it is offering are too much for it to handle alone, it can outsource either some of its products or other business process in order for the organization to function in the best manner possible. For an organization to be most effective it needs to manage the performance of its employees in the best manner possible and capitalize in whatever resources and capacity that it posses. Hence, Amazon. com success’s secret is also one of its secret to manage itself successfully and efficiently in the competitive environment.

Every business can take a head start but the tough part is when it has to continue in the long run. Amazon. com was one of the very few to start in the business as Amazon was one of the pioneers in online transactions and shopping, hence it had to face the consequences that any first entrant faces. The market was new and upcoming, the customers were unknown and the uncertainty factor was posed as a major risk. It was not known whether e-commerce would be successful in the later years or not because people had little or no knowledge about it.

Hence, it overcame that risk which has established it into a stronger company and acts as one of its competitive edges, which ensured its continuity. Ensure System Security For such sites security is utmost important and therefore it can be said that “Security and Privacy Policy for these are very well put together and are very private” and one has to “go through various checks and double checks for e-mail and password verifications. This ensures that the website company and you have the right passwords and e-mail addresses for your privacy and protection.

They also have protects programming on their sites to ensure that no one can get you password, e-mail address, and most important your credit card number” (B2C e-commerce design and performance for Amazon. com, BN. com, & Half. com, n. d. ). It is very important for an organization to identify the costs that would reap it benefit in the long run while ignore those that are of little use. Hence, Amazon also needs to do so in order to have a profitable business.