IBM. Code of ethic

1. Conflict of interestLeaders must avoid possible conflicts of interest between individuals and companies involved in the. If you find any related company conflict of interest situations, you must report to the chairman, the chairman suggested Committee and informed the committee or preside over the meeting leader report. Conflicts of interest may occur in the company’s entire interest of leader individual interests, may also have with the leader or his family members to accept as a leader within the terms of the personal interests. 2. Company opportunity

Leaders can’t get the opportunity from the following aspects

* For individuals to win business opportunities related to the company and

* Use of company property, information or position for personal gain

* Vying for a given company

3. Confidential informationThe leaders have the obligation to maintain the company some undisclosed information confidentiality. Whatever your line of confidential information comes from where, to which content, without lawful authority, you are not leaked out. 4. To obey the laws, rules and regulations, the fair management Company leaders, officials, other executives and ordinary employees should obey all laws, rules and regulations of the requirement of use.

Securities trading activities of the company to follow the company and the relevant securities trading policy, and all securities trading company should advance to the Secretary Office for the record 5. Encourage the reporting of illegal and unethical behavior 6. Compliance program

Should any possible violation of the rules in a timely manner to the chairman, chairman of the Committee and informed the committee that or presided over the meeting leader. Contrary to the individual or the collective will be the board investigation, if confirmed to have occurred violations of norms, the company will take the appropriate action to prevent.

Code of conduct1. Work EnvironmentIBM strives to maintain a healthy, safe and productive work environment which is free from discrimination and harassment, whether based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, or any other factors that are unrelated to IBM’s legitimate business interests. IBM will not tolerate sexual advances, actions or comments, racial or religious slurs or jokes, or any other comments or conduct that, in the judgment of IBM management, creates, encourages or permits an offensive or intimidating work environment. 2. IBM’s Information and Property

IBM has extensive assets of great value. These assets include valuable proprietary information, such as IBM’s intellectual property and confidential information, as well as physical property and systems. Protecting all of our assets is critical. Their loss, theft, misuse or unauthorized disclosure can jeopardize IBM’s future. You are personally responsible for protecting IBM’s assets in general, as well as those entrusted to you.

This includes those assets that you have been authorized to provide to other IBM employees, contract personnel, clients or others. To do this, you should know and understand IBM’s security controls, processes and practices. You should be alert to situations that could lead to the loss, misuse, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of our assets. Furthermore, you should report those situations to IBM Security or your manager as soon as they come to your attention. 3. IBM’s Handling of Your Personal Information

To the extent permitted by law, IBM and IBM authorized companies and individuals collect and maintain personal information which relates to your employment, such as compensation, medical and benefit information. As a globally integrated enterprise, IBM’s business processes, management structures and technical systems cross country borders.

Therefore, you acknowledge that, to run its business, IBM and its authorized companies may transfer personal information about you as an IBM employee to any of the countries where we do business. While not all countries have data protection laws, IBM has worldwide policies that are intended to protect information wherever it is stored or processed. 4. Reporting, Recording and Retaining Information.

Every employee records or reports information of some kind and submits it to the company and others with whom we interact. In doing so, you must ensure that all information is recorded and reported accurately, completely and honestly. Never make misrepresentations or dishonest statements to anyone. If you believe that someone may have misunderstood you, promptly correct the misunderstanding. Reporting inaccurate or incomplete information, or reporting information in a way that is intended to mislead or misinform those who receive it, is strictly prohibited and could lead to serious consequences

VolkswagenCode of ethic1. Customer orientedVolkswagen companies consider the interests of its clients need to determine the behavior of employees. Employees should accurately understand customer motivation and demand. Judge each of our enterprise operation success should also be based on whether or not to bring a measure of the value of external customers. 2. The pursuit of excellence

An important prerequisite for the creation of the performance of a first-class enterprise is to make every employee to make excellent performance in their. Enterprise employee performance. We will through certain authorization and arrangement of clear responsibility to help employees achieve and thus promote the personal development of our employees. 3. Create value

All the staff taking part in the value-adding activities. Process thinking and process related personnel to information feedback support value orientation 4. Reform and innovation The ability of innovation and continuous implementation of new ideas is the source of innovation. The recent achievements may be beyond tomorrow, so for us, new ideas and new programs faster than competitors of our development and Implementation 5. Respect and cooperation

Respect for others is the result of enterprises to obtain a prerequisite for long-term success, to obtain outstanding achievement need teamwork 6. Taking responsibility7. Sustainable development8. The observance of good faithCode of conduct1. Avoiding Corruption and Conflicts of Interest

* Conflicts of InterestIt is important to us that the employment activities of our employees do not get in a conflict between their private interests and those interests of the Volkswagen Group. Therefore, it is imperative that all situations from which conflicts of interest could arise be avoided. For the protection of the Volkswagen Group and our employees, we have established binding internal rules of conduct as well as a system for counseling, exposure, and the pursuit of such activities and offences (the Volkswagen Group Anti-Corruption System). * Secondary Employment

Each of our employees has a duty to provide their manpower and to carry out the tasks assigned to them to the best of their knowledge and ability. Secondary employment(s) that impair the fulfillment of this obligation are not permitted. We support and promote volunteering activities of our employees Interests

* Interests in Other Companies2. Dealings with Business Partners and Third Parties* Fair CompetitionWe are committed to dealing fairly with our business partners as well as with third parties and we support free and undistorted competition based on compliance with the competition and antitrust laws. * Donations and Sponsoring

We only make donations, i.e., contributions on a voluntary basis, with no expectations of consideration in return, and award sponsoring monies only in the context of the respective legal framework and in accordance with the applicable internal rules. We make monetary and material donations science and education, for culture and sports, and social concerns. We only grant donations to organizations recognized to be non-profit or that are authorized by special provisions to accept donations. * Promotion of Interests

As a commercial enterprise and a part of society, we champion our interests and promote them. In so doing, we include the wishes and demands of various interest groups into our deliberations. We respect and observe the principles of free expression of opinion, the principles concerning the right to information, the independence of the media, and the protection of personal rights. Each of our employees makes sure that their conduct and opinions expressed in public do not harm the reputation of the Volkswagen Group. When expressing personal opinions, employees should refrain from calling attention to one’s own position or employment in the Company. 3. Treatment of Information

* Privacy and Data SecurityThe protection of confidential, secret, and personal data is one of the principles upon which we base our relationships with our employees (also former employees) and their families, job applicants, customers, suppliers, and other groups of individuals. We collect, process, and use personal data only to the extent that such is necessary for defined, clear, and lawful purposes. We make sure that data is used in a way that is transparent for those concerned and that we observe their right to information and correction as well as their right to possible objection and the blocking or deletion are protected.

* Handling Insider Information

We publicize important share-price-relevant insider information in accordance with the pertinent statutory provisions governing the capital market. Share-price-relevant insider information constitutes information relating to the price of Volkswagen shares and the shares of other Group companies.

  • Reporting

All of our reports, records, and statements are accurate, timely, comprehensible, comprehensive, and true. In this spirit, we similarly inform all participants in the capital market about financial and earnings situations as well as business performance. We publish our periodic financial statements punctually, in accordance with national and international accounting regulations. 4. Environmental Protection

We develop, produce, and distribute automobiles around the world to preserve individual mobility. We bear responsibility for continuous improvement of the environmental tolerability of our products and for the lowering of demands on natural resources while taking economic considerations into account. We therefore make ecologically efficient advanced technologies available throughout the world and implement them over the entire lifecycle of our products. At all of our locations, we are a partner to society and politics with respect to the configuration of social and ecologically sustainable positive development.