I.T. Governance Process US

Technology at times can result to be a nuisance therefore a company that deals with it solely needs to make sure that it has taken care of all the Information Technology risk factors. Amazon. com needs to be proactive in this department as well as others which it is already as it has dealt very intelligently with one of the crises regarding the burst of IT bubble. The foremost challenge was faced by the company when the dot. com bubble was burst after the 90’s era. The perception regarding the business processes and the electronic transactions very highly negative and people were not willing to deal online.

Surviving and maintaining the quality of transactions even after that, is what made Amazon one of the strongest contender available online. It has now developed expertise in transaction via internet and has a customer base that it can rely upon. Manage Projects The efficiency with which Amazon. com handles projects is also visible as it started with only one business and only its success has made it into such a diverse business altogether with so many products and service offerings.

For a better management of projects it needs to be properly organized and well-coordinated in order to make sure that all the right things are done. Hence, proper management of projects “enables collaborative project management, from concept to completion for both repetitive projects, such as installing a new release of your HRMS applications; and one-time projects, such as developing a new e-commerce capability. It allows you to accelerate project delivery while reducing project costs. ” (Mercury Project Management, 2007).

It is important for an organization to know the importance of planning and organizing in the implementation of the smoothness of business processes. This planning involves the planning of a lot of issues such as strategic plan, the quality management procedures, Standard operating procedures, managing projects, procedures to assess the risk related to Managing IT risks etcetera. For an IT based organization to be successful, it not only needs to plan and organize effectively but also has to make sure that it acquires the right processes and implement it in the best manner possible.

Hence, it is a very important domain for the organization to take care of for future benefits. Identify Automated Solutions Amazon. com, to deal with adverse issues and problems need to have automated solution to make sure that it has the solution before the problem occurs. This is where the proactive attitude of the organization comes into use when it defines Standard Operating procedures for the organization to deal with circumstances that in future might result to be a problem.

It also becomes easy for the user as “making money online is easy when everything is automated because the shopping cart system connects instantly to your online merchant account and starts taking orders in minutes. Then multiple auto responders follow up sales and leads, manage your opt in mailing lists, and build repeat business. The available affiliate tracking and digital delivery system make Ebook downloads and software sales highly profitable. ” (The ebusiness automation solution, 2007).

Acquire and Maintain Application Software “Application software is a subclass of computer software that employs the capabilities of a computer directly to a task that the user wishes to perform. (And example of this would be a program such as Microsoft Word. ) This should be contrasted with system software which is involved in integrating a computer's various capabilities, but typically does not directly apply them in the performance of tasks that benefit the user. ” (Wikipedia, n. d. ).

Hence, it is important for the organization to not only empower the customer but to ease his difficulties as well by providing as much automation and correction as possible. Amazon. com does this by providing automated answers for search results etcetera but it needs to acquire more to make its website more attractive. Acquire and Maintain Technology Infrastructure Since the organization is entirely IT based therefore in order to have a more profitable and customer preferred business, it needs to acquire the best possible technological infrastructure to reach higher levels of success.

Similarly acquiring is difficult but to maintain it is more difficult hence the organization should not only devise better technological infrastructures but also train employees and staff to maintain and update it as soon as required. For all business it is important to have a sound technological infrastructure but it is vital for an organization whose entire business is dependent on IT only. Therefore Amazon. com core attention should be given to this matter.