Human Rights US

Guinea is facing civil unrest that has resulted in brutal force being exercised by the government security forces. (Human Rights Watch) The Human Rights Watch has found that police is involved in torturing detainees to make them confess the crime by making them suffer hunger, disease and death. Moreover, the country has not been able to control child labor, child abuse and child trafficking which is against the Human Rights. In Burundi, raping young girls and adult women at home and in community is very common and this heinous crime is not only committed by state but also by non-state workers.

(Amnesty International USA) Moreover, the culture in Burundi blames the victim of the crime and the crime is attributed to the victim’s dressing and her behavior rather than criminal’s acts. Most rape victims do not seek legal assistance since stigma is attached in the society and the rape victim is looked down upon by the society and many times, the victim is left all alone without any financial assistance. Rape is not only a heinous crime but also human rights violation and according to it every woman has a right to physical and mental integrity.

Recently in Pakistan, the government of Pakistan signed an agreement with the Talibans to enforce Shariah law in Swat Valley and its adjacent areas to bring peace in the country but after the agreement was signed, the Talibans have brought changes that violate the basic human rights. Girls’ schools have been closed and girls cannot leave their homes unless accompanied by a male family member which violates women’s rights. Polio immunization plans have been halted which violates a human right to basic health. (Human Rights Watch)

In Guantanamo Bay at Cuba, many detainees have been held for years without getting their cases adjudicated. (Amnesty International USA) These detainees are treated in most inhumane ways for crimes they might not have committed such as people are made to go through 20-hour interrogation, they are stripped or given stress which has greatly deteriorated their mental health which is a violation to human right because a detainee is not a guilty until proved and moreover, such inhumane treatment of criminals is not allowed by law

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