Human Rights – Justice

Today, a lot of people talk about having their own rights to justice. In the past few years, as well as we all know, considering the right to justice has been slightly complicated at times. The whole idea of being fare or not being fare is one thing that everybody understands from a young age. Saying "it's not fair" is a frequent thing you hear from a little child. It might be about being sent to bed early and missing a programme, or maybe even two sisters or brothers having more pocket money. Whatever the problem may be, "it's not fair" is all about how we, when we were younger, see what we deserve or rights, to fair treatment in the world.

As we grow older, the term "it's not fair" changes to "I demand j ustice", but all the meanings and ideas to it are so much the same. So where does this idea of justice come from and why should we all have this right? The feeling that we all have is this moral sense of fairness. That is the reason why it is said to come from an idea called natural justice. As human beings, natural justice is what we're all entitled to; it's a thing we can claim and nobody has the right to take it away from us. Natural justice gives us a sense of when somebody's behaviour is not just or more simply, unfair.

The idea of fairness can start with very little simple things, like the size of a person's school meal. Justice in this sort of society takes two forms. Treating everyone equally is one major thing that applies to everybody in the society. This sort of explanation comes from the word "social justice". A plain example can be found in the school canteen. If a canteen worker is serving the food, everyone expects that he or she will serve the same portion of food to each pupil. We should have a certain amount of food so that there is enough for everybody.

In doing this we are showing responsibility towards other people who have the same rights as ourselves. I think everybody should be treated the same, after all we are all human beings, we should treat other people the way we want to be treated. We must treat each other better today more than yesterday and less than tomorrow. A lot of us put the law into our own hands and judge by punishing innocent people. This equality is our right as human beings; it is independent of race, gender, religion, political beliefs, sexual orientation or disability.

As we all know the word 'justice' is often involving the law. Equal access to education, health care, employment and housing is what social justice is, but the most basic right is economic justice. In some countries where there is democracy, people can vote against a government that is not maintaining their rights. There have been all sorts of well-known movements throughout history in which people worked together to achieve justice. A lot of people have protested because they wanted the right to something, something they wanted.

There have also been riots in the past ten years involving human rights all around the world. A lot of people have lost their lives and some are still out there today with memories that still shines in their lives today. There are few problems in the society we all live in today. We can solve these problems if we all understand that every right carries with it a responsibility. I think one of the biggest responsibilities is to have respect for everyone and the right everyone has. By doing this we are protecting other people's rights and our own rights as well.

Basically I think everybody has the right to have their say and to be represented by a lawyer of their choice. These days' criminal law passes on from one country to another. At times it includes crimes against property (such as robbery or vandalism) and crimes against the person (such as assault, rape, murder etc… ). The whole point of criminal law should be to make the society a safe place to live in, but in many countries criminal law is misused against people who don't agree with the policies of the government.

One country where this has happened is china. For centuries, China had strict laws and people could easily be punished for small offences. People who had disagreed with the government could easily be punished since they had no protection under the law. A lot of Chinese people became dissatisfied with this system. They wanted laws that stopped corrupt officials from doing anything they liked. They also demanded that the law must protect basic human rights.