Human Resources and Legal

Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated catered their employees the capability to fasten or hasten their knowledge in this company. Through levels or steps in becoming a complete employee of the company, laborers in Riordan needs to undergo several training as a way of assuring their learning and capacity to deal with their preferred jobs within this business. Because Riordan’s mission is to provide quality products in the different parts of the world, it also encompasses the quality of work and production that its employees need to acquire.

The company was divided into two systems – Human Resources and Legal with the subsystems of Finance and Accounting Department and Marketing and Sales Department for Human Resources and Operations for Legal Services. Through this embodiment, Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated deals several issues and scenarios that these subsystems need to acquire and ratify. Introduction Along with other companies from the different parts of the world, Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated designed a wide variety of designs to make the employees capable of being part of this kind of business.

Because this is a plastic industry, the company deals with different parts of the world as the producer or distributor of the product. Another reason is that because plastic manufacturing is the most significant pattern of growth of the company, they provided different forms and levels of development for their employees and clients to be able to disperse all the materials and productions from different countries around the world. Through this, it can be said that Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated deals with the system of simple but crucial integration of tasks and responsibilities.

The importance of this paper is to discuss the two elements or system of Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated along with its subsystems that embody the whole corporation into a significant path. Body Human Resources Human Resources department is the hand and body of the company. The Human Resources or HR is the main system of the company. From the human resources, the corporation works to its whole extent and give the customer a substantial product throughout the production.

According to the study about the Human Resources of Riordan, “HR plays a major role the business systems by supporting the entire company. One of the principle purposes of HR is to help create successful business outcomes for Riordan. HR adds value by focusing on the role that the employees play in creating those outcomes. ” It shows that Human Resources Department is a significant factor of the company that deals with all the aspects of production. Through Human Resources, the whole company would become more productive of both profit and investment.

It is because the more human resources a company has the more capability to create a new pattern of inventions and local productions. Legal The corporation’s Legal Department monitors the actions of the Human Resources development. Based on the study on Legal Department of Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated, “In order for Riordan Manufacturing to be able to meet its customer’s needs and expectations, there needs to be systems in place that not only focuses on the quality but also the management of the manufacturing process.

”  It means that the Legal department handles all the legal issues of the human resources especially when it comes to quality control. If the Human Resources department works for the people of the corporation especially on the recruitment and other cases and issues of the employees, the Legal Department works on the quality of the jobs and employees who worked for the company. It is an important task for the system because they will handle the problems of quality and product output.

With the help of Legal system, the quality of production and increase of profit will be hastened with minimal conflicts or circumstances. Conclusion In conclusion to this, both legal and human resources department, the whole company goes a long way. They are capable of dealing with the cause and effects of the issues or cases within the company. Through this, they have provided greater possibility of good income or profit. The Finance, Accounting, Marketing, and Sales department are parts of these two systems that encompass the whole body of the company.

Without these systems and subsystems, the Riordan Manufacturing Incorporated, will not work as a well-known corporation to the different countries around the globe. That is why it can be said that the Human Resources and Legal system is the brain or core of the company that can also be obtain in other companies in whatever place of the world. It means that the employees and the policies are the first thing to acquire in a certain company that will be established whether a large or a small industry.