Human Resource Management Practice

The University wants to know about the applicants criminal records and if they were ever charged how serious was it. This is expecting a lot of information as one is required to state exactly what they did and the penalty. This will discourage someone from applying especially if it is someone who has reformed and wants to start all over. People need to be employed on the basis of what they can do and not in relation to what they have done Repa (2007).

In writing the references, they have specified that they do not want names of relatives and friends. What if someone who is seeking employment once worked for their relative say seven years and they were treated just like other employees without favor. It is normal for people to try new things and experience new environments as change is inevitable. Their referees have a right to be considered especially if they were their supervisors and what they had was strictly professional. They have not clearly indicated the section for a person’s hobbies.

It is important in knowing someone’s interests since this will be used in singling out an active member of society through the activities they engage in which can be sports or volunteer work. Moreover, there is no indication of a person’s age and gender. Does the application gather sufficient information to conduct a background investigation? Looking at the strengths and weaknesses of this form, the strengths mentioned out weigh the problems therefore the application gathers sufficient information that is necessary for conducting a background investigation.

We know the names of the applicants, their social security numbers, professional licenses, the schools they went to, where they live, associations they joined, places and who they have worked for, if they have ever been convicted and if yes what were there charges and their references Steingold (2008). This general information is more than enough to trace someone and if they lied, they will be traced by this very information which be got from institutions where one studied or have mentioned, from the referees or even police records. What waivers does the application contain?

A waiver is surrendering one’s rights especially when another party wants to carry out something on your behalf or agreeing somebody else to carry out an investigation about you. Example of a waiver used in the application is in the authorization part where the applicant before signing; certifies that the information given is true and investigations can be carried out and basically agreeing to the University’s terms. Is the same application used for all positions? Yes. The same application is used for all positions. This is good because it ensures that everyone is given equal rights and no one is treated superior than others.

This enhances their statement of not discriminating anyone under any circumstances. What revisions would you make? The revisions I will make in Cornell University employment application include: I will introduce a Medical section because it is necessary to know the health status of the people you are hiring so that when it comes to assigning duties, a person who maybe has a heart condition should not be overworked and also this will benefit the institution since it will account for the employees medical cover which it provides.

Another amendment I would make is making sure that a witness preferably a referee should counter sign in the authorization section so that such applications are taken seriously. I will make sure that the said application is given in duplicate so that upon receiving it is stamped or there is an official confirmation of receivership so that the institution sends the applicant a copy and retains the one. Numbering the applications will be a good idea since the institution will be able to tell the number of applicants and the positions they are applying for.

For every application letter, I will make sure it is supported by a good motivational letter which will be attached nad clearly indicated in the form to give an applicant an opportunity to state why they need the positions applied for. Conclusion Employment applications have made applicants work well organized is straight forward and saves time because they can fill applications in different organizations in a short time. Furthermore, they have helped companies in avoiding the legal claims that used to occur in the invasion of peoples privacy Steingold (2008).


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