Human relations reflective paper

The leadership theory I prefer over the others and will most likely imitate once in a management position would be the Leadership Grid. This grid was created by Blake and Mouton and is an assessment tool used by managers to determine their predominant leadership style. The grid is an x/y-axis grid that represents the degree to which managers have a concern for the production and for the people. The specific degree to which a manager has concern for either/or determines the manager’s actual leadership style.

Lussier explains that there are eighty-one possible combinations of concern for production and people (page 81). That may seem a little excessive to some. However, the model only recognizes five of the eighty-one styles. The five styles recognized are: * The impoverished manager- who contains a low concern for both people and production * The sweatshop manager- who contains a high concern for production and a low concern for people * The country club manager- who has a high concern for people and a low concern for production.

* The organized-person manager- who has a balanced, medium concern for both people and production * The team manager- a high concern for both people and production I believe the team leader style most accurately depicts my style of leadership. I have always been someone who could be counted upon to put forth my best effort because I know that I am being depended upon to accomplish a certain goal or task. I strive to reach my maximum potential.

I may not always have it in me to do so but because I am a self-motivated individual. If I agree or promise to do something you could count on me to get it done. However, self-consciously, I am also a people pleaser. Because I am a “yellow” person, I am constantly in tune with others feelings as well as my own. I can’t help but to care about how someone feels and even if I am on the losing end of the compromise I will make sure that the other party at least feels like they are winning. I normally use my feelings to aid me in how to react or adjust to any given situation.

I believe that adaptability is essential to being a leader. I have a lot on my plate at any given time because my type A personality will not allow me to slow down so subconsciously I expect a lot from myself. I feel that if I accomplish all of these different tasks from day to day then others have the ability to do the same. Inadvertently, I push others in a position to expect more out of themselves. I use this reverse psychology on my school age kids all the time. I am a firm believer of employee satisfaction because without it an organization is essentially non-existent.

If you cannot keep your employees happy then you mind as well board up the doors and window to your business. When I am searching for employment or offered a position I always ask myself a few questions such as will I like the job, am I happy with the work environment, are my values in line with this particular organization, is the pay sufficient, and do they offer a good benefit package? These answers must correspond with my beliefs, values, and experiences in order for me to experience job satisfaction.

If the people/employees believe that they are receiving everything that they need then they will be less likely to participate in negative grapevine conversation, complain, be absent/late, and not meet production standards. In the famous words of my grandmother “Treat people the way you want to be treated.” If a manager used the team leader style, they will have more success at meeting his/her management, organizational, and production goals. This leadership style is the only way to create a win-win for all parties involved.

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