Human Behavior: Genes or Enviroment

Everyday thousands of teens and young adults engage risky behaviors. In the play “Romeo and Juliet” the two main characters get caught up in a love affair that will prove risky for not just only them, but for the people they care for most. Although their irrational decisions were poetic and famous, everyday people make the same decisions. Two behaviors that young adults in particular participate in is drinking while driving and prostitution. These choices can take someone’s life, they can take happiness away from a once thriving family.

Although people of all ages drink and drive everyday, underage drinkers are the worst case. In a study conducted by the National Survey of Drug Use and Health in 2008, it is estimated that there are 10. 1 million underage drinkers in the U. S. 75% of those drinkers will proceed to get behind the wheel of a vehicle. 1 in 3 accidents a caused by reckless driving of a drunk driver every day. Teenagers especially play a role in this epidemic. In the same study done by the NSDUH, 39% of kids will start some sort of drinking habit by eighth grade.

By the time they reach college, this percentage will increase to 85%. Teenagers are twice more likely to be involved in a fast crash due to drinking while driving than someone twenty-one or older. When under the influence, one’s judgement can be impaired, causing them to make dangerous decisions. The most recurring decision people make when drinking is to get behind the wheel of a vehicle and potentially take someone’s life. Another risky behavior young adults, specifically females, engage in is human trafficking also known as prostitution.

According to rapeis. org, the average entry age into prostitution is 13 and the younger you are, the more likely you are to develop an STD because you will be performing the job for a longer period of time. In Portland Oregon, studies show that 85% of prostitutes have reported history of sexual abuse in their childhood. But not all prostitutes want to become that way. There have been reports of pimps going into rural areas and filling girl’s heads with promises of fame and fortune.

These pimps will fly the girls out to Los Angeles and put them on the fast track to self-destruction. Once saved and recovered, women who were prostitutes will more than likely end up with an STD, and addiction to more than one drug. Another study released by The Council for Prostitution states that a prostitute will be raped on average 8 to 10 times a day. Most prostitutes are so traumatized by these events that many will not seek treatment and will continue to self harm.

Young adults tend to interact with people who are a bad influence on them and can potentially get them into risky situations. Although prostitution doesn’t necessarily harm anyone except for the prostitute, it’s still a illegal and irresponsible behavior that benefits no one. Drinking and driving is one of the top ten most fatal behaviors in the U. S. More people die in drunk driving accidents than any other type of car accident. No matter how much awareness is brought up, people will continue to make poor choices and engage in life-threatening actions.

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