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Read about Integrated Marketing Communication (IMC) marketing approach. Group 1: Company A is Sony Company B is LG Group 2: Company A is Canon Company B is Panasonic Group 3: Company A is HTC Company B is Samsung

Instructions:1) Locate the company A’s website.2) Look for the key message/messages of the company A.

3) Locate a recent company A’s video commercial (on the television or from Youtube) or a print advertisement. What is the key message/messages found in these publicity tools? 3) Do the same for company B (where you observe the company’s website and then you observe a recent video commercial (or a print advertisement). Answer the questions below. Post your answers on the Discussion Board BEFORE the second lesson of the week (before 12 nn, Thu 24 October 2013). Your tutor will go through your responses.

Each answer should be 3-5 lines long. I) What are the key messages in the website and the video commercial (or a print advertisement) of company A and B of your group? II) Do the website and the video commercial (or a print advertisement) of the company go together? Why or why not? III) In your opinion, has company A or company B adopted the integrated marketing (IMC) approach? IV) Which company carried out the IMC approach better? Company A or Company B? What are your reasons?

GROUP 3:HTC’s website:

Samsung’s website:

I. Company A (HTC)Key Messages from website:

HTC corporation (HTC) is the creator of many award-winning mobile devices and industry firsts. HTC built its reputation on as the behind-the-scenes designer and manufacturer of many of the most popular OEM-branded mobile devices on the market.

HTC regularly introfuced many critically-acclaimed mobile device under their own brand and their portfolio includes smartphones and tablets powered by the Android and the Windows phone opertating systems. HTC are dedicated to creating a customized user experience and believe that each mobile device needs to fit its owner, and not the other way round. HTC invest wholeheartedly in refining the personalized communications experience, champion the customer as the hero through every stage of innovation.

Key Message from Print Advertisement:

Change brand platform will embody the mesaage that HTC inspires innovation by standing for ” anything you want it to”. Explores imaginative HTC word associations to invoke interest and talkability amongst consumers Focus on how HTC products empower individuals to drive change their own lives.

Company B (Samsung)Key Messages from website:

Samsung has been dedicated to making a better world through diverse businesses that today span advanced technology, semiconductors, skyscraper and plant construction, petrochemicals, fashion, medicine, finance, hotels, and more. Samsung Group and Samsung Electronics, uphold a belief in shared responsibility – to our people, our planet and our society.

The world’s best has won us the No.1 global market share for 13 of our products, including semiconductors, TFT-LCDs, monitors and CDMA mobile phones. Samsung believe that we all play a part in creating a better life for the world. We look to both our past and to our future to find inspirations for today. Whether it’s technology or humanity, Samsung is always working to contribute to a greater future.

Key Message from Print Advertisement: new features of the phone showcasing some of the key features of the phone and way better than what they have done in the past. The tagline for the phone was “Life companion.”

II. Yes, most of the information given from both the website and advertisments goes together. By giving out a understandable yet unclear information about certain product on the advertisments leads the consumers to want to find out more about the product thus going to the website to find out about the full details.

III. Both HTC and Samsung has adopted the IMC approach. Key messages on both websites are on the home page of the websites and some even made more interesting to attract consumer’s attention. Samsung tend to have more advertisments and prints compared to HTC as samsung have a huge rage of products and not only smartphones. While HTC hardly have any prints advertisment.

IV. We personally think that HTC is better. Although both companies uses IMC, Samsung’s huge range of product leads to too many advertisments on different products and consumers will eventually get confused on what they really need or want. They will just end up at the store itself asking a sales person to introduce them the products. While HTC is more detailed towards the website. Eventhough HTC does not have a lot of advertisments or prints, everytime they have an advertisment they make sure it’s fun, interesting and most importantly mysterious in order to attract consumer’s attention.