Hr Department Problems

* The insurance company is required to pay for all work-related injuries, but the system does not always function as it should. Insurance companies can and do deny claims for a wide variety of reasons. Workers who are injured can bring a petition or complaint against the workers' comp carrier for the payment of benefits and medical costs. These cases are pursued in workers' compensation courts or adjudicated by the state's workers' comp administrators. Settlement

* Insurance companies will offer to settle workers' comp cases to avoid continuing medical and rehab costs. If the worker accepts a settlement offer, then the carrier pays a lump sum in return for a release of all claims related to the injury, and in most cases for a voluntary resignation by the worker. Settlement is not mandatory, and workers' comp claims can remain open indefinitely as the worker continues to get treatment and medication for the injury. Liability

* In exchange for covering workers, employers are protected from lawsuits when accidents occur. The law provides that neither employee nor employer is deemed to be at fault unless gross negligence on the part of the employee allows the carrier to deny the claim. Although civil remedies are barred for workplace injuries, workers can sue workers' comp insurance companies in civil court for not providing legally required benefits. Sponsored Links

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------------------------------------------------- Retirement and Vested Labor Law -------------------------------------------------

As much as a worker values his employment, he also values his well-being. In the United States, the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA) protects health and retirement benefits earned from an employer. Specifically, with regard to retirement plans, the act requires a maximum time period before benefits become vested. Furthermore, ERISA aims to protect existing retirement plans by setting rules for retirement fund managers. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Unexcused Absences and Labor Laws -------------------------------------------------

Some employers have fairly lenient policies on unexcused absences, but the law does not require them to do so. In fact, unexcused absences are often a burden on businesses. There are limits to what employers are permitted to do, but the individual circumstances of each instance play a large role in who is entitled to do what. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Nanny Labor Laws in Tenenssee -------------------------------------------------

Labor laws in Tennessee are administered by the Tennessee Department of Labor and Workforce Development. The state laws regulate most issues regarding employment and the workplace, except for minimum wage and overtime pay regulations. For these issues, the state defers to the applicable federal laws and oversight. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Mississippi Labor Laws on Holding Paychecks -------------------------------------------------

The Mississippi Department of Employment Security is responsible for administering the state's employment laws. Mississippi employers are required to comply with Section 71 of the Mississippi Annotated Code. Section 71 codifies employers' pay practices. According to Section 71, employers cannot withhold their employee's paychecks for more than two weeks if they employ 50 or more employees. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Indian Reservations After the Dawes Act -------------------------------------------------

In 1871, the United States government ended its land treaty policies with American Indians. The Dawes Act, also known as the Indian Homestead Act, was part of a series of steps toward disassembling American Indian reservations. Sen. Henry Dawes of Massachusetts, the author of the act, sought to "civilize" the Indian population through privatizing tribal lands. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Child Trafficking Law Penalties in Florida -------------------------------------------------

Human trafficking is considered a modern form of slavery. Unfortunately, children are especially vulnerable to this crime, which is why laws have been enacted in the U.S. that carry harsh punishments for those who victimize minors in the human trafficking industry. States such as Florida, which has easily accessible borders and a large daily influx of visitors, recently changed its laws to make involvement in human trafficking a felony. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Age Laws for Tattoos in Oregon -------------------------------------------------

As with many American states, Oregon places age restrictions on which individuals may receive a tattoo. Just as state and federal governments restrict minors from activities like voting, drinking and smoking, laws placed on body art aim to protect minors from possible abuse or coercion due to their age and inexperience. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Child Labor Laws in Michigan: Volunteer -------------------------------------------------

To gain work experience and skills, students may offer to volunteer if they cannot find paid positions. Other students enjoy performing community service activities. Michigan's child labor laws often impose requirements when minors engage in work-related activities, even when they work on a volunteer or unpaid basis. In particular, a minor who plans to volunteer should find out whether she needs a Michigan work permit or if she qualifies for an exemption. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Steps to Take When Home Disclosure Laws Have Been Broken in California -------------------------------------------------

California Civil Code requires sellers of real property to make written disclosures to buyers about any known material fact that affects the value and desirability of the property. A real estate agent also has the same duty if he has a contract with the seller to find a buyer for the property. A disclosure statement is not a warranty and does not mean that the seller must fix the defect or obtain an inspection of the property. The seller must make this disclosure prior to the transfer of title to the buyer. The buyer may sue a seller or broker… * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Labor Laws for a Boat Captain -------------------------------------------------

A boat captain is responsible for the safe and efficient operation of a vessel. Boat captains have varying hours because of seasonal fluctuations. The Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 established labor laws for a boat captain. Knowing the labor laws for a boat captain can be helpful in regulating job responsibilities, hours and pay. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Arizona Laws and Privileges for 18-Year-Olds -------------------------------------------------

You likely heard the words, "When you grow up," time and time again from your parents as a child. If you live in Arizona, you might not realize the privileges or legal responsibilities that accompany your entrance into adulthood. There are laws that specifically govern 18-year-olds in Arizona, along with several privileges. Though some of these laws might seem a bit outdated, they are still in force. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Kentucky Labor Laws for On-Call Pay -------------------------------------------------

Employees receive pay in direct relation to the amount of work performed or the time they spend working. In some cases, employees must be on-call for a certain amount of time. This time can be in addition to their actual scheduled time to work. Under certain circumstances, an employee may be eligible for compensation while on-call. Although no state laws exist that mandate pay for on-call staff, Kentucky employers must follow federal laws that require employers to pay employees for on-call time. If employers do not adhere to federal law, they risk being in violation and monetarily penalized. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- U.S. Customs in Malaysia -------------------------------------------------

Malaysia is located along the South China Sea, bordering Thailand and Indonesia. The Philippines lie to the north, as does Vietnam. A constitutional monarchy comprising 13 states, Malaysia has an elected parliamentary government. The capital of Malaysia is Kuala Lumpur. the country is home to 27 million people composed mostly of Chinese and Indian ethnic groups. Approximately 60 percent of the population practices the official religion of the country, Islam. The Malaysian government operates customs agencies in Malaysia, just as the United States and other nations autonomously operate customs exchanges on their homeland only. The United States has no customs… * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- The Difference Between Illegal & Unethical -------------------------------------------------

As human being living in a certain country, the law of the land tells us how to act, or at least things that should not be done. At the same time humans act on a personal ethical code, a set of conclusions about right and wrong reached independently. There are other ethical codes, for example in the workplace, which make the actual difference between legality and morality a grayer area than we would think it is. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Confidentiality Laws Pertaining to the Elderly in California -------------------------------------------------

Whether an elderly person suffers from an illness, is living in a long-term care facility or simply advancing in age, federal and state laws protect his right to have personal information remain confidential unless he chooses to release it. If you are caring for an elderly person, be aware of these laws because inadvertently disclosing confidential information can subject you to severe penalties. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Massachusetts Labor Laws & On-Call Pay -------------------------------------------------

The web of labor laws protecting Massachusetts' workers can be difficult to navigate. Laws regarding employment, including on-call work, are spread between the Massachusetts' General Laws and the Code of Massachusetts' Regulations. Massachusetts employers are also subject to federal labor laws and regulations. Despite this umbrella of laws, employees are still put in positions where employers are easily able to take advantage of them. There are a few things every Massachusetts employee should know. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Labor Laws & Employee Breaks in Missouri -------------------------------------------------

Missouri's Division of Labor Standards handles many aspects of labor law. There are departments devoted to Wage and Hour, On-Site Safety and Health Consultation Services, Mine and Cave Safety and Health and Workers' Safety Program matters. The division is responsible for enforcing laws concerning breaks, hours, overtime, vacation, sick leave, child labor and other employee rights in the workplace. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Florida Laws on Keeping Chickens -------------------------------------------------

In the name of public health, the state of Florida regulates the cultivation of chickens and the sale of their meat and eggs, and it also has various rules for animals kept for display and those kept as pets. Regardless of the owner's purpose for keeping chickens, though, failure to follow Florida's regulations could cost an owner in fines, and following them should permit him to avoid such an undesirable outcome. The key, however, is to know the regulations. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Find an Arbitrator -------------------------------------------------

Arbitration, or the process of settling a legal dispute with the help of an impartial third party, can help settle complicated legal matters quickly and efficiently for both parties involved. However, selecting an arbitrator who pleases both parties can be a challenge. To find the best arbitrator for your legal dispute, work through a variety of options before settling on a final person or team. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Report Illegal Unpaid Internships -------------------------------------------------

An internship is illegal if it does not meet the "learner/trainee" rules set forth in the Fair Labor Standards Act. Interns must gain at least as much benefit from the arrangement as the company, such as education, experience and class credit. The training must be comparable to that given at a vocational school, and the student must not replace an employee or be promised a job after the internship. Internships that do not comply with child labor laws are also illegal. You can report illegal internships to your state or the federal Department of Labor. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Legally Demote an Employee -------------------------------------------------

Employers and upper management must be careful when deciding to demote an employee. Illegally demoting or firing an employee can put the management or ownership team in court contesting a discrimination and/or illegal termination lawsuit. Demotion is a right any boss maintains - as long as it's performed in a lawful manner. If done properly, you will be able to legally demote an employee without undue legal repercussions. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Hire an Arbitrator -------------------------------------------------

When a legal dispute arises and two parties cannot agree on a solution on their own, it may become necessary to seek assistance from a third party. Arbitration allows disagreeing individuals or entities to settle their disagreements privately and independently, without the additional hassle and expense of a trial in court. Hiring an arbitrator is usually fairly straightforward, as long as you adhere to any already established specifications for arbitration between you and the other party -- and as long as you are selective about your options, with the knowledge that anyone who chooses can call himself an arbitrator. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Subcontracting Labor Law -------------------------------------------------

Subcontracting includes any arrangement through which work is performed not by an employee of the contracting firm within a recognized bargaining unit but by another firm or individual under contract. It is, at least in some of its applications, a controversial practice because labor unions see it as an instrument by which employers evade the collective bargaining process and the requirements of a bargained-for contract. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to File for Divorce With an Arbitrator -------------------------------------------------

Arbitration is an alternative to starting a lawsuit. Arbitrators handle specific cases because of their knowledge in the area and the parties agree to be bound by their ruling. Some find it an attractive choice because it is less costly and less adversarial than litigation. You won't have to deal with the delays and formalities of a court proceeding and both parties don't have to hire an attorney. Unlike a court proceeding, the dispute can be kept totally private if the parties don't want their disagreements made public. You can use the arbitration process to help you start your divorce… * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Labor Laws About Working Too Many Hours in Tennessee -------------------------------------------------

Tennessee labor laws do not place restrictions upon how many hours employers can require their employees to work. Tennessee follows the federal labor regulations, and employers who comply with the federal regulations are generally in compliance with the state's labor regulations. However, employers who hire child workers must comply with Tennessee's heightened laws regulating child laborers. The state does not limit work hours for adult employees, but it does restrict the number of hours children can work. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Labor Laws on Getting Fired -------------------------------------------------

Many workers think they can't be fired unless their boss has a good reason. But the truth is that the majority of workers in the United States are employed on an "at-will" basis, which means that they can get the boot for a good reason, a bad reason, or no reason at all. Indeed, many terminations that seem unfair or illogical are still perfectly legal. However, the laws do provide some protection for employees. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Labor Laws for CNAs -------------------------------------------------

Certified nursing assistants perform some of the grunt work that helps hospitals and other health care facilities provide quality care to patients. Working under the direction of registered nurses, CNAs might take a patient's vital signs, such as their temperature, pulse and blood pressure. They might feed, bathe and dress patients, or perform housekeeping chores. Employment laws that cover CNAs are both similar to and distinct from those covering other laborers. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- The Effects of the Pact Act on Reservations -------------------------------------------------

The PACT Act of 2010, pushed for half a decade in Washington, D.C., before it become law under President Barack Obama, aims to cut down on underage tobacco sales by restricting its shipment to legal distributors who must sell them with stringent identification requirements. The Prevention of All Cigarette Trafficking Act also requires vendors -- both on and off American Indian reservations -- to keep strict records or face stiff penalties. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Wisconsin Labor Law: Demotion -------------------------------------------------

Being demoted at work can be jarring. While it will mean less responsibility for you, it also means lower pay and a lower status in your work organization. Demotions are generally involuntary for the employee and result from disciplinary action. They can also be voluntary actions, though -- something an employee does for personal reasons or to avoid being laid off. Whatever the reason, Wisconsin's labor laws outline when demotions can be used and when they can't. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Illinois DCFS & Babysitting Laws -------------------------------------------------

The Illinois Department of Children and Family Services is the state agency responsible for helping families with children and responding to situations in which a child's well-being is endangered. As part of its mandate, the DCFS is responsible for ensuring that children are properly supervised at all times as well as providing advice and financial assistance to working parents that find it difficult to obtain supervision. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Is the Termination Labor Law? -------------------------------------------------

Labor laws regarding termination are few and far between, imposing only narrow constraints on employers' authority to discharge workers. Employers violate workers' rights when terminating them only in select instances. In other cases, federal labor law has little to say regarding termination; when laws are silent, employers have the right to take actions of their choosing and run their business as they see fit. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Responsibilities of Employers for Alcohol Abuse -------------------------------------------------

Employers have a responsibility to their customers or patrons, members of the public and their own employees where the use and abuse of alcohol is suspected. Employers have a responsibility to maintain a safe workplace for their employees and members of the public, and that extends to properly managing or firing employees who abuse alcohol. A scenario that triggers special responsibilities is when the employer is a bar or restaurant and serves alcohol to paying patrons. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Legal Responsibilities of an 18-Year-Old -------------------------------------------------

The legal responsibilities of an 18 year old are the same as any adult or anyone of legal age, which is 18 and above. When you legally become an adult, this means you have reached the age of majority. Anyone who is younger than 18 is considered a minor. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Are Three Excuses for Nonperformance of a Contract? -------------------------------------------------

A contract requires an offer, acceptance, adequate consideration, legal capacity of both parties, legal subject matter and satisfaction of the statute of frauds. A contract is void or voidable if the agreement is unconscionable, a mistake, fraudulent, derived from a fiduciary's undue influence or made under duress. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Legal Rights at Age Eighteen in Ohio -------------------------------------------------

Each state is responsible for establishing its laws regarding the age of majority. Some states require that a minor turn 21 years old before he is legally able to be considered an adult. In Ohio, a minor reaches the age of adulthood at age 18. Upon reaching the legal age of majority in Ohio, each individual attains rights that they otherwise would not have as a minor. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Subcontract Under a Service Contract Act -------------------------------------------------

The Service Contract Act of 1965 requires that contracts to provide services to the United States or the District of Columbia pay prevailing wages. To that end, any service contract must be written by the government contracting officer to include a schedule of prevailing wages and fringe benefits. The contractor must pay those wages, notify employees of the wage determination, and periodically adjust the wages to account for market wages. Significantly, the regulations enforcing the Service Contract Act require that any subcontractor providing services must comply with the same requirements as the prime contractor. Subcontracting requires that the terms of… * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Write a Resignation Acceptance Letter -------------------------------------------------

Resignation acceptance letters are frequently created and used in the workplace to acknowledge an employee's stated desire to part with the company. These letters are brief, objective and direct. The majority of companies already have a resignation acceptance letter template that is standard for all resigning employees. However, if your company does not or you are a new employer, it may be necessary to write a resignation acceptance letter from scratch. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Fire Domestic Help -------------------------------------------------

Firing domestic help can be an awkward situation regardless of the circumstances. If you have a good relationship with your employee, such an event can even be disheartening. Whether you want to fire a domestic worker due to poor performance, unprofessional behavior, or because you no longer need the help or can't afford it, there are several things you must consider before approaching her to break the news. Ultimately, communicating properly and controlling your emotions can make this situation go smoothly. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Your Rights After Being Laid Off -------------------------------------------------

People across all spheres of life experience lay offs at one time or another. If this should happen to you, it is important to know your rights -- what you are entitled to upon being laid off and what your previous employer is obligated to offer you. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Legal Rights of an 18-Year-Old -------------------------------------------------

Turning 18 can be an exciting time. You are leaving behind your life as a child and growing into an adult. If you live in the United States, your 18th birthday marks your first day as an adult legally. Being a grown-up can come with new rights as well as a bunch of new responsibilities. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Massachusetts Vacation & Recreational Agreements -------------------------------------------------

A Massachusetts vacation and recreational agreement is a lease contract that stipulates conditions agreeable to both the renter and the property owner. Typically, the agreement will indicate the duration of the lease, the amenities provided and the restrictions. The purpose of this written agreement is to avoid confusion and misunderstandings. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- ADA Laws in New Jersey -------------------------------------------------

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990 forbids any discrimination against persons with mental and physical disabilities. In keeping with this act, the state of New Jersey has adopted the Law Against Discrimination (LAD) to effectively enforce ADA. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Law Regarding Shorting Paychecks -------------------------------------------------

Federal and state laws regulate the payment of employee wages. Employers are required to pay their employee wages in cash or its equivalent, such as a check. Check payments are indeed equivalent to cash; however, many companies use them as a means to not pay their employees in full through a tactic known as "shorting." As of 2011, there isn't any specific law regarding shorting paychecks, which is why it is employees' responsibility to follow up the paycheck balance with their company payroll department. Nevertheless, other laws may apply depending on the reason and situation the paycheck was shorted. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- List of Illinois Non-Profit Organizations -------------------------------------------------

As of 2011, 41,573 associations and corporations are registered with the Illinois Secretary of State as non-profits. The number of non-profits in the state has steadily increased. In the decade from 1990 to 2000, non-profit registration climbed 55 percent. By 2000, it represented 8.7 percent of the Illinois gross state product. A current list of Illinois non-profits is available from the Illinois Secretary of State office or at the Manta Inc. Business Registry website. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Difference Between Being Laid Off & Fired -------------------------------------------------

While being laid off and getting fired have the same outcome -- involuntary termination from a job -- they are two very different procedures. Which category your job loss falls under may determine whether or not you qualify for unemployment money and may even affect whether or not you get a decent job right away. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- California Confidentiality Complaint Laws -------------------------------------------------

California confidentiality laws cover both business dealings and medical records. From the business side, confidentiality agreements prohibit one person from telling others what she learned in confidential meetings while medical records confidentiality laws prohibit free access to others' medical records. In both cases, state law dictates what is permissible and the punishment for violating these laws. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Colorado State Law Regarding Grievance Time -------------------------------------------------

A grievance is a complaint or concern by an employee against their employer. Grievances can be personal or public, meaning that other workers or the general public has an interest in the issue. The Colorado Division of Labor and Employment (CDLE) handles grievances. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- National Right to Work Act -------------------------------------------------

The National Right to Work Act protects an employee's right to work without being forced to join or quit a labor union. Federal employees fall under the act, and individual states vote on and enforce it locally. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Are the Functions of the Whmis Label? -------------------------------------------------

WHMIS stands for "Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System." This is the hazardous communication standard used in Canada. Potentially dangerous materials used in the workplace are labeled to alert workers to the specific hazards they present. It also contains precautions and first aid instructions for use in an emergency. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Is it Legal for Companies to Change Your Hours Worked on Your Time Sheet? -------------------------------------------------

It is legal for companies to change an employee's time sheet to fix inaccuracies. However, the Fair Labor Standards Act requires that employees must be paid for all hours worked, therefore it is illegal for an employer to modify an employee's time sheet to reflect fewer hours than the employee worked. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Lifting Hook Safety -------------------------------------------------

Lifting-hooks are used in construction to hoist heavy material to high altitudes. Operating lifting-hooks is risky business. Some dangers include possible breakage under the weight of the lifted material. This can occur due to brittle hooks, or hooks attached incorrectly. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Laws Allowing Inmate Labor to Work for Nonprofits -------------------------------------------------

Historically, prison labor has been used at the state and federal government levels to undertake work in the private and public sectors. Most states have statutes compelling prisoners to work in the nonprofit or profit sectors, while enforcing penalties for inmates who refuse to work. Prison laborers are generally denied worker's compensation, though some basic regulations have been put in place to protect their labor rights. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Definition of a Statement of Compliance -------------------------------------------------

A statement of compliance certifies all laborers and mechanics employed by a contractor and subcontractor on projects funded by the federal government are being paid the prevailing wage rate, including fringe benefits, for similar area projects as determined under the Davis-Bacon Act. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Wisconsin Contract Compliance Law -------------------------------------------------

Businesses that have contracts with the State of Wisconsin must adhere to strict nondiscrimination requirements. They cannot discriminate based on race, sex, religion, sexual orientation or disability. If the organization does not comply with this law, the state can terminate the contract. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Third Party Disclosure Laws in California -------------------------------------------------

In 2005, a law went into effect in California governing the business practice of disclosing personal information of individuals to third parties in exchange for money. The purpose of the law was to address privacy and security concerns. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Kansas Blacklisting Laws -------------------------------------------------

Ever since 1897, Kansas has had laws preventing employers blacklisting discharged employees. Subsequent laws passed by the Kansas legislature have upheld this original law. Violation of these laws is considered a misdemeanor. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Construction Employment Law -------------------------------------------------

Construction contractors and subcontractors are bound to employment law the same as most other fields. These laws range in detail and focus and whether contracts are receiving state finances. Nonetheless, employees should know their rights specific to current jobs situations and organizations. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Massachusetts Laws for Independent Contractors -------------------------------------------------

Being an independent contractor often means freedom, flexibility and a sense of pride in your work. But, in Massachusetts and many other states, these workers follow a different set of rules than those governing employees of other companies and organizations. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Laws on Volunteering -------------------------------------------------

Free labor can come with strings attached. Nonprofits and public agencies use volunteers for both daily operations and special events. Though volunteers receive no pay, rules govern labor practices and organizational liability for volunteers' actions. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Negotiate Collective Agreements -------------------------------------------------

Collective agreements are written, obliging agreements between an employer and a group of employees. Collective agreements can be specific to an employer or industry sector. In the United States, employees can participate in labor unions that represent them in negotiating the terms of collective agreements. Both the employer and employee gain significant advantages from collective agreements. Successful negotiation of collective agreements ensures that both parties come to a reasonable agreement that suits both sides. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Does OSHA Apply to Indian Tribes? -------------------------------------------------

Native American tribes hold 55.7 million acres of territory in the United States, according to Roger Owers of the Kaibab Law Offices. In general, the tribes govern themselves and must abide by federal law, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Act (OSHA) at times. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Who Gets the Money from the MSHA Fines? -------------------------------------------------

The Mine Health and Safety Administration operates under the Federal Mine and Health Safety Act, enacted in 1977. Safety and health violations found by the MHSA result in fines for the mine operators. The MHSA considers its fines to be payments of civil penalties. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- How to Claim PF Money -------------------------------------------------

Employees in India are eligible to enroll in the Employees' Provident Fund from the day they are hired. Money is deposited into a separate account from every paycheck that is used toward the employees' pension and retirement fund. You can claim your PF money before retirement if you leave the company. The PF funds will be deposited into your bank account once the application forms have been received and approved. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- MSHA Inspection Penalties -------------------------------------------------

The Mine Safety and Health Administration is a division of the U.S. Department of Labor tasked with maintaining safe working conditions in U.S. mines. MSHA routinely inspects mines and issues citations for any violations of its standards. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Illinois Labor Law on Gas Mileage -------------------------------------------------

Most employers reimburse employees for gas mileage while traveling on company business. The Internal Revenue Service sets the federal mileage reimbursement rate. Employers may use a lower or higher rate, and employees must keep detailed mileage records. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- United States Labor Law for Foreigners -------------------------------------------------

The United States Department of Labor is responsible for articulating and enforcing workplace lawas as they apply to all workers, including foreigners. If they receive the proper certification, foreigners may be able to legally work in the United States if it can be shown that there are not enough qualified and willing Americans to fill that position. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Is Involved in Business Law? -------------------------------------------------

Business law covers many aspects of the business world. Laws are in place to protect business owners, individual companies, employers and consumers from the potential risks of engaging in business transactions. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Regulations on Disability Rights in Employment -------------------------------------------------

The rights of disabled workers are protected by federal law. Employers are responsible for accommodating disabled applicants and employees. Employers who fail to abide by anti-discrimination laws run the risk of being sued or penalized by the federal government. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Labor Laws for Nursing Mothers -------------------------------------------------

Around the United States, the decision to breastfeed is on the rise among a diverse amount of mothers. Nursing mothers that decide to return to the workplace require adequate support and resources to enable the continuance of breastfeeding. Labor laws for nursing mothers are in place at national and state levels. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Work Uniform Reimbursement Laws -------------------------------------------------

Many employers require workers to wear uniforms that may bear a specific logo, emblem, or distinctive color. Because employers and employees often disagree about who should pay for these uniforms, various states have enacted reimbursement laws that clearly spell out these responsibilities. These laws cover both private businesses and public-service agencies. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Are the Benefits of Keeping Employment Laws? -------------------------------------------------

Employment laws help dictate how employers can treat their employees. Federal laws, as well as state laws, work together in order to ensure all employees have equal rights within the work environment. Other federal programs, such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, create safety guidelines within the workplace. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Immigration Laws Against Human Trafficking -------------------------------------------------

Human trafficking means bringing persons into the United States to work who don't qualify for any visa or immigration program. Aliens looking for work are willing to pay someone to help them enter illegally. The Immigration and Nationality Act forbids persons or companies from bringing unqualified aliens into the country and also forbids charging them for the trip or entry. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Maryland State Employment Laws -------------------------------------------------

The Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation has the responsibility of enforcing the Maryland employment laws. Like all states, Maryland has very strict polices against illegal child labor and discrimination within the workplace. The purpose of employment laws in Maryland is to ensure that all employees are being treated equally within their field and earning at least the state minimum wage. Employees who have had their rights violated may file an official complaint and seek legal remedies. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- New York State Maternity Laws -------------------------------------------------

Maternity laws in New York cover the rights of the mother to maternal care during pregnancy and in early child care, the rights of mothers to breastfeed their young, the right of maternity healthcare centers to collect information on mothers and children, and inpatient care for expectant and new mothers. The New York legal system under the family court has put in effect these maternity laws to protect mothers and their children and to make birthing institutions accountable. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Delaware Child Labor Laws -------------------------------------------------

Throughout the United States, child labor is regulated at both the federal and the state levels. In Delaware, as in most states, children under 14 may not work. Children under 18 may work but only along specific guidelines. From state to state, child labor laws are similar since they must be in compliance with federal child labor regulations. Delaware's Code, Title 19, Chapter 5 regulates the employment of all minors in the state. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Compliance Training in Employment & Labor Law -------------------------------------------------

Compliance training is the ongoing process of keeping employees educated and informed about the laws and requirements designated by government for their particular industry. Periodic training is required by the United States. Not complying with these regulations may result in fines or other penalties. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Can Your Employer Ask You to Use Your Personal Car for Work? -------------------------------------------------

Some jobs, such as sales, require the employee to visit clients. If your company supplies you with a vehicle, it is responsible for paying all of the expenses associated with that vehicle. If your company does not supply a car, you will need to use your own. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- National Labor Relations Act -------------------------------------------------

Tensions between labor and management reached a boiling point in the 1930s, leading to factory takeovers, citywide strikes and violent confrontations between pro-union workers and anti-union employers. Congress passed the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA) in 1935, guaranteeing most private sector employees the right to organize. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Is an Industrial Agreement? -------------------------------------------------

Relations between employers and employees is seldom seamless. Thus, the stability of these partnerships has critical influence on the industries represented. Industrial agreements are one way for attempting to balance divergent interests and for making industries more effective and competitive. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Florida Labor Law on Uniforms -------------------------------------------------

Florida does not regulate the deductions taken from employees' pay. However, employers must be aware of exceptions to Florida law and to federal labor law. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Indonesian Family Law -------------------------------------------------

Family law in Indonesia sets out strict guidelines on marriage, divorce and responsibilities of husband and wife. The concept of equality between both the spouses in society and family are stated as well as equal legal rights. Family law in Indonesia even goes so far as to list the rights and responsibilities of parents and children. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- The Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act -------------------------------------------------

The Maritime Drug Law Enforcement Act is a set of federal laws enacted in response to increased use of boats for illegal drug trafficking. The act expands the right of federal law enforcement to search and seize vessels suspected of transporting illicit drugs. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Is a NATCA Agreement? -------------------------------------------------

A National Air Traffic Controllers Association (NATCA) agreement is a labor union agreement negotiated on behalf of the air traffic controllers, engineers and other members of NATCA and federal authorities. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Unethical Management & Employee Rights -------------------------------------------------

A 2010 study by Lake Research Partners for Working America found that 15 million Americans admit to having "bad bosses." While most people can relate to having a boss who is frustrating or annoying, an employer who tries to pay you unfairly or uses discriminatory practices is a more serious matter. By familiarizing yourself with your rights in these situations, you can protect yourself from unethical management and unfair business practices. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What Are Nurses' Employee Rights? -------------------------------------------------

In the early 20th century, poor working conditions in the United States prompted Progressive-era reformists to push for legal protections for employees in the workplace. Since that time, working conditions in the United States have improved dramatically. Today, every employee is guaranteed certain rights, though there are still certain situations where policies are left to the discretion of employers. For nurses in the United States, employee rights are slightly different than for many other professions. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Labor Law Statute of Limitations -------------------------------------------------

A statute of limitations is a legislative act that sets the time period for filing a claim or initiating a criminal prosecution. If a claim or lawsuit is not filed within the time period set by the law, the claim is no longer valid. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- National Industrial Recovery Act -------------------------------------------------

When Franklin D. Roosevelt was elected the new president of the United States, he faced a daunting task, as nearly one-third of Americans were unemployed. One of his first attempts to improve the country's economic crisis was the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA), a bold piece of legislation that has had a lasting effect on the nation. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Substitute Position Labor Laws -------------------------------------------------

Teachers must have extensive training and education. When they fall ill or are unexpectedly absent from class, substitute teachers are often needed to fill in. Like regular teachers and, indeed, all employees in the United States, those in substitute teaching positions are guaranteed certain rights and benefits through national labor laws, though specifics on some laws may vary according to state and school-district requirements. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Nevada's Labor Law on Reduction in Force -------------------------------------------------

Reductions in force are subject to a number of federal guidelines. How these guidelines are enforced differ upon the state's execution. Nevada, largely follows these federal laws with little amendment. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- What is the Significance of the Pyatt Decision in Labor Law? -------------------------------------------------

The case of Penn Plaza LLC vs. Pyatt commenced when the building managers of a Manhattan office building, denoted as Pyatt, demoted the unionized night watchmen of their building to lesser paying jobs. The watchmens' union pursued arbitration based on violation of both the watchmens' contract terms and on age discrimination, but later dropped the age discrimination claim. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Indiana Fair Labor Laws -------------------------------------------------

The Indiana Department of Labor (DOL) enforces the Indiana legislature's labor code statutes and laws. The DOL monitors employer compliance with the labor code as set by the Indiana legislature, investigates employee complaints and adjudicates wage claims. Employees in Indiana can contact the Department of Labor if they feel that their employer does not adhere to the code regarding employees' legal rights. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Can an Employer Force You to Use Vacation Time? -------------------------------------------------

Employers can force employees to use or lose vacation time, according to Employers can exert control over when employees use vacation time and companies are not required to offer vacation time at all, according to * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Employee Grievance Rights


Employees may find numerous things to complain about at work, but not every complaint is in regard to an illegal practice. In the event that an employee wants to file a grievance about an illegal act within the workplace, he has a variety of avenues to choose. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Department of Industrial Relations Act -------------------------------------------------

The Department of Industrial Relations in Malaysia designed an act in 1967 called the Industrial Relations Act. This act regulates employer requirements regarding employees and work issues such as employee strikes. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Indiana Employment Rules -------------------------------------------------

Indiana is an employment-at-will state. This designation permits employers to use their own discretion to hire, fire, demote and suspend their employees, as long as federal and state laws are not violated. Employees may file wrongful termination suits only when they are fired because they refuse to commit illegal acts, a federal or state statute has been broken or the employee handbook has specifically outlined procedures of termination and the employer has not followed these procedures. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Utah Administrative Code Labor Law -------------------------------------------------

The Utah administrative code is the codification of general rules and regulations set out by the state of Utah, divided into department, board or commission, which are then further subdivided into the titles of the codes. The code on labor law sets forth the regulations pertaining to labor in the state. * -------------------------------------------------

------------------------------------------------- Alabama Labor Laws for Sheltered Employees -------------------------------------------------

Employees working under a sheltered employment program are those individuals not capable of working in a normal employment setting. Sheltered employment programs in Alabama refer to segregated vocational and nonvocational activities such as sheltered workshops, activity centers and day treatment centers. In 2001, the Alabama Department of Education adopted the federal Vocational Rehabilitation Services Program that amended the definitions for sheltered employment. * -----------------------------------------------