How to Safe Your Android Device From Law Enforcement 

Often times, we have heard about how law enforcement harassed people and force them to hand over their mobile devices for any incriminating data that may be found on it. And at the same time, most people are not aware that there are ways they can actually protect this kind of data from a third party like the law enforcement. These tips are not far from your device i.e. these tips does exits on your Android device and here’s why we would like to share these tips with you.

Download Cerberus: This is a third party app that’s available on Google Play store. It is a very useful app that has similar features like Find My Phone plus several other features. It is more of a security app that protects your device against third party access. It allows you to control your device remotely. When a third party like law enforcement seizes your device, Cerberus allows you to lock your device right from another device via SMS or from a browser.

Also, you can as well delete files from your device remotely via SMS or a browser. Doing this, law enforcement won’t be able to detect any incriminating files on your device. Always ensure to delete backup files because this can be encrypted.

Never expose your notifications: Leaving notifications on your lock screen because they can expose several things on your device and reason been that messages can be read on the Notification without necessarily accessing the device. To protect your device, simply change the device settings. Go to to Security and Location settings. Click on the Lock Screen and then On Lock Screen and you select Hide Sensitive Content or Do not Show Notification. If your Android device is Android 9 or higher, you may select Lockdown Mode option to hide notifications temporarily.

Smart Lock Disable: Always disable Smart Lock on your device. This is a free gateway for law enforcement to access your device. Using on-Body Detection will make a third party to effortlessly open your device. Go to the security settings then Smart Lock, select each of the options and disable all the items.

Disable Biometrics: Enabling biometrics can incriminate you when faced with law enforcement meme. In Android 9, there is Lockdown Mode which is not default enabled. You will have to turn it on by yourself. Turning it one will enable you to lock your phone and disable biometrics using one button while using PIN or Pattern to unlock your device. On older Android version, you simply restart your device and you enter your password or draw the pattern. Like that, biometrics is shortly disabled.

Always use a strong password: The most secure and strongest authentication method is the alphanumeric password. A most secure password should contain 16 characters long. With this kind of password, your device can not be opened by a third party or any law enforcement. Using 8 characters long is also safe and can take a computer up to a Month or even more than to crack not to mention of a 16 characters long password, this might take forever to crack.

No one wish to experience any confrontations with law enforcement. For this reason, follow the aforementioned tips and protect your incriminating files from law enforcement and third parties.