How To Make People More Compliant With Interrogation

Many accusations have been made against the U.S. Government over time. Some of them were dismissed as paranoid delusions. Others, like the pentagon papers and the Nixon tapes, were true, and showed the corrupt workings of the federal government. And others are somewhere in-between – there is some truth to them as well as some falsity. That’s where government efforts at researching and executing mind control on the citizenry is.

I’d be the first to admit I’m somewhat prejudiced in my view on government mind control. I wouldn’t put it past them. In fact, I’d believe it. So, I’m not objective about this topic. But I’m also against a lot of what has been presented as evidence over time. Why? Because of the low quality of the evidence. It’s often vague, lacking in detail, specifics, dates, and times.

I’m a research scientist by training, so I can be a bit more particular about what kind of evidence I’ll believe, or not believe. Still, what concerns me most is how consistently vague decades’ worth of evidence is about multiple government mind control programs, like project ARTICHOKE, and project MKUltra. Both were federal level programs, supposedly for learning how to mentally control people or to even “erase” their minds and reprogram them to act as assassins.

Especially with the first program, project ARTICHOKE, the supposed overall goals were to use drugs to make people more compliant with interrogation, or to use drugs to gain control over individual’s minds, so that they would do the bidding of a controller, even if it were against the drugged individual’s personal beliefs or morals. Do you realize how complex a human being’s personality is and how long it took to build it, year by year? You can’t just “wipe it” with drugs, or other means, and substitute a new one of your own making. It’s not like removing a DVD from a player, and putting another one in. And it’s certainly not as easy as using a fentanyl patch for opiate withdrawal.

In some ways, the claim attributed to project ARTICHOKE about using drugs to get people to cooperate with interrogation makes sense. Drugs had already been tried before project ARTICHOKE and project ARTICHOKE was just an attempt to build on that. However, it could easily be argued that there was nothing to build on, as experiments with using drugs on people to make them amenable to interrogation had not produced consistent results.

Worse, project MKUltra had specific goals. It was quite unclear how they would be achieved or how most of them had anything to do with mind control or interrogation results. One goal was to find a substance that would increase an individual’s ability to think, for example. That’s useful to the individual but would make it harder to control that person. Another goal was to find a substance to make a person illogical and impulsive so they would be discredited in public. It’s hard to imagine a need for a drug like this – and, besides, those kinds of drugs already exist. Was the goal just to embarrass someone?

While I’d like to give other examples, and give more explanations, my reasoning should be clear enough. While I certainly think those in power would use mind control against the citizenry if they had the chance, I’d have to see much more convincing evidence before I would believe mind control is possible.