How to Create a Package

One of the technological systems that we studied is how to create a package. The creation of packages is important to our society because the package protects and can make the product stand out and attract attention so it can be bought. When making a package you should consider cost efficiency, product protection, appearance, ease of construction and function. Another system that we studied was the coordinate plane. The coordinate plane is used in real life to map out where something is or the distance it is from another point on the grid.

A problem that we solved was that we needed to make a “cake” box. To solve this we figured out what the dimensions were, drew then constructed the box. Some of the technology that we used were compasses to draw circles, calculator to find how big to draw everything, and rulers to draw straight lines. we also had to think about what be the most time efficient and what would function properly and be easily put together.

Some materials that we used to make the package were paper and tagboard. Some of the materials and equipment that we used were glue to keep things together, tape to keep things in place when tracing, and scissors to cut tracings out. We used compasses to draw (almost) perfect circles, rulers to draw lines as straight as possible, and colored pencils to decorate paper that was put on to the final product. To make the paper we decorated the package with we used a wooden shape and either translated, reflected, or rotated it until it filled the whole page and then colored it.

A prototype that we made during Package Design was a cake box. First we found the size the object was that the package was needed to hold. Second, we decided on the type of box we would make (cylinder) and calculate and drew the net on graph paper. Next we cut out the net that was on the graph paper and traced it onto the tagboard that would be used to construct the package. Then, we cut out the tagboard and folded it into the correct shape. After that, using the graph paper design we traced and cut out parts of paper that had been designed by transformations on them and glued them onto the package.

There are many jobs that use the information that we learned in Package Design. One job is an architect. An architect’s job is to build and design different types of structures architects’ use math equations to find area and volume of things they might construct. Another job is a package designer. A package designer designs packages and when doing so they must thing of who the product is selling to and how easy it is to build. Another job could be an interior designer. When working an interior designer can use equations to find the area of a room and how big the furniture and items can be. They can also use the coordinate plane to show a customer where in the room they would put certain objects and items.