How The Criminal Justice System Has Improved

The criminal justice system has improved since the time of Jill Meagher’s case (2012). According to the 2016-17 annual, they have increased the number of cases finalised. This is a successful change as the Court is resolving more cases quicker and more efficiently, in comparison to the previous years.

According to other cases shown by the class, for example, the Lin Family Murders, this is a big advantage as it took 4 trials over 7 years to find the defendant who killed the 5 family members. As this crime was committed in 2009, it is shown that there has been much improvement since the time of the murder. The fact that the case took 7 years to solve compared to, for example, the Katie Hailey case which occurred in 2018 and was solved in the same year shows the courts effectiveness is enhancing the judicial system.

The fairness of the court system is shown in all of the cases presented to the class, more specifically the Matthew Joseph Marks case. He was proven guilty and sentenced to life in jail with parole after 23 years for killing his aunt. This shows the fairness of the court as the judge and jury had to consider all the evidence, and how the victim was killed. On the other hand the Karen Ristevski case was harder to be equal for all when punishing the defendant. Because it was manslaughter (accident) and there was no evidence against the defendant, Borce was only sentenced to 9 years in jail. These two cases display that the court has to improve their justice system in order to solve all cases, and is still improving to be fair to all and for all to get the justice they deserve.

Overall I believe the criminal justice system has improved over the years, and will continue to improve throughout the years, while making new laws, being fair to all and finishing more cases quicker and more efficiently.

This has been a very i enjoyablw topic and it was very interesting to research and present all of the information we had found on Jill Meagher and Adrian Bayley. It has also taught me many things I did not know about like if parole is granted, if bail is granted, the different levels of the courts and how the severity of crimes have different punishments (like serious indictable is heard in the supreme court).