How Do We Stop Mass Shootings in the United States?

In the year 1840 America had their first school shooting. Since 1840 the school shootings numbers have went up each decade. It has been 179 years since the first school shooting and now it has becomes a problem. Not only are there school shootings but mass shootings have became a problem as well. These mass shootings can happen anywhere. Places you wouldn’t even think would be common for violence like churches or restaurants. Or more populated places like malls or concerts. People have thought of many solutions and one of them is changing the gun laws.

This opinion is split 50/50 among the population, half of the people want them to change and the other half does not want them to change. The people who think that it should be changed think that guns are the whole problem and the U.S. Government should take away all guns, or at least they make it harder to obtain a gun in the first place. The ones that want to keep gun laws the same say that it’s the people with mental illness cause these shootings. They also say guns are needed for protection. Therefore American society is very split up and undecided on what to do. There are three possible ways we can eliminate mass shootings. For one we could take out social media to help prevent teenagers from getting a mental illness, second we could take out all guns from the United states, Third we could make it harder to get control of a gun.

One of the ways we can stop mass shootings by offering to cut down social media out of teens lives. Social media has a huge impact on teenagers lives. The things that are put on the internet cause teens to think differently of what they can do and what they think about other people in their lives. With this persuasion on the internet it can cause a higher rate of teens getting a mental illness. Mental illnesses cause a higher rate of mass shootings. Limiting mental illness will cause less of a risk of mass shootings. It would have an even bigger impact on school shootings.

This is shown by a study on a college campus that said between 2010 and 2015, students asking for help with depression and anxiety went up 30% stated by Caroline Miller. Kete Hurley states that that teens who spend more time on social media have sleeping problems and signs of depression. Depression is mental illness that is a leading of causes of school shootings. Teens minds are changed when they see other people on social media look better than them and then they start to worry about their appearance online more then offline. In America 1 of 5 teens has a mental illness (20% of our population). Some people will argue that only 3-5% of violence in the United states is caused by the mentally ill. However we aren’t looking at violence over all we are looking at mass shootings.

According to Elizabeth Thomas 22% of all killings in 2015 were mentally ill. Elimination of the 20% of the mentally ill will immediately slow down the rates of school shootings. As we can see that the mentally ill effects our community in a negative way. Lowering the the social media in teens life would make a huge impact on mass shootings percentages and school shooting rates especially. The effect that it puts on teens makes them think and feel like a model and then they become insecure about them solves, which can cause depression or other mental illnesses. According to studies by doctors Garry R. Waltz and Jeanne C. Bleuer, 78% of school shooters have had a past of suicidal thoughts and suicide attempts. These points shows that reducing social media related mental illnesses will cut back on School shootings the most and still have an impact on all mass shootings. Cutting back on social media for teens will have the biggest impact for school shooting by cutting down mental illnesses.

By getting rid of guns overall would stop mass shootings at a surprising rate. Some people can argue that we need guns for self defense. But owning guns would be bottom line pointless with all guns gone. From Samantha Raphelson a reporter from NPR 48% of people who own guns have them for self defense. Showing this brings me to say that the other 52% of people with guns not for self defense are the people who use them for killing either animals or people. If we get rid of all guns we wouldn’t have the problem of shootings nor need them in defense for shootings. Another point from Danielle Kurtsleben also a reporter from NPR states that between 2007-2011 only .9% of people defended themselves with guns which is about 100,000 uses annually.

Lets say that all guns are banned and someone tries to attack with a knife. With a minimal amount of self defense knowledge we could be able to defend ourselves and disarm said attacker. This shows that owning guns is pointless. People who want guns will quote criminologist Gary Kleck and Marc Gertz they say there are 2.2-2.5 million attacks annually. However most attacks could be gun related and if not they could be easily avoided by learning self defense. Jared Keller states that 39% of people that own a gun have not gone through training. That is saying most of the people that own guns for defense don’t know how to use a weapon, because the majority of the other gun owners would be hunters and when you buy a gun for hunting you need to go through training to hunt.

An arguer from states that in 2012 crimes per 100,000 people in america was 10.2 which means about 1 gun related crime for every 10,000 people, which is about 32,000 gun related crimes annually versus, for example the United Kingdom which has a total of 147 gun related crimes annually. This is a low number because the UK makes people get certification to hold guns and have banned guns that have barrels longer than 30 centimeters and pump action and semi-automatic guns. If we took all guns are gun related crimes would be even lower than the UK’s. The large rate of gun violence is caused by the large amounts of guns in america. Taking back all the guns would be hard but things that are usually hard and a take long time to do are worth it.