Hotel Rwanda Term Paper

1. If you were in the situation of Paul, how far would you go to protect your countrymen, when you know very well that this will cost you the life of your family? Will you abandon your family to save the lives of others? => If I will put myself in Paul’s situation, I think, I would help and protect my countrymen as long as I can and as long as I’m living. But first I’m going to ensure my family’s safety before I gamble my life.

If I die for the sake of others, it will looked like I abandoned my family but truly it’s not, because in the situation, I think they will surely understand me why am I going to sacrifice myself just to protect and save others life who only depends on me. It’s not that I prefer to die than to live with my family, but I also believe that life lived for others is worth living, like our God who gave His only Son for the sake of us all. God gave me life not just for my family but also for other people.

Honestly, Not only your family makes your world but also the other people around you. And I cannot take to see those people struggling and dying then I just do nothing. Especially when I know that i’m the only one who can protect them. I know I cannot save everyone because i’m just only human but somehow, i know i did something I can. 2. In the ensuing violence, the international community and the government was forced to pull its foreign emissaries to safety. This included officials providing aid and relief such as the UN and the Red Cross.

Do you think that the government and the international community’s decision to remove its employees from the scene of the fight were ethical, despite the fact that the natives rely on these organizations for aid and protection? Justify your answer using one ethical theory that we’ve discussed in class. => It is true that the goverment became selfish about their decision of forcing the foreign emissaries to leave and put themselves into safety even if they know that there’s no other people who can help the natives except them.

But we can’t deny the fact that those foreign emissaries were not involved in the war and so, their race must be saved, that’s why, what they have done was ethical. By the use of the theory called Egoism, which means things or actions can be moral or ethical if it will benefit one’s interest and will care about your own value, it can be proven that it was ethical to saved only the whites because there’s nothing wrong of saving your own race and disregard the others even though it would be so wrong in the other people’s eyes.

To better understand this situation, try to put yourself in their place and surely you will only save yourself and your race. But we can still that it is an ethical egoistic act. 3. The struggle between the Hutus and the Tutsis of Rwanda was allegedly due to the interference of the Belgian and other Western colonizers, who have created this kind of “caste system” (Hutu and Tutsi) in the first place.

Do you think that the colonizers were the party to blame in the violence that occurred? Why? => Yes!no one should be blame but them because if they didn’t create that ”caste system”, the Hutus and Tutsis would only be one race with no insecurities and no superior. And therefore, there would be no occurence of violence. Because of that caste system, the discrimination occured between the two race by their physical characteristics,The Tustsi became superior that made the Hutus started the slaughter in their country due to their rage or fury. And so, the Colonizers were the one to be blame.

4. The genocide in Rwanda is not a unique case. In fact, it is reminiscent of the Holocaust during the Nazi era and the religious struggle between Pakistan Muslims and Indian Hindus. How do you think will genocide be prevented in the future? => Genocide usually occur because of having insecurities between different race by physical, identity or position in the society and power. And no other resolution for this but to be satisfied in yourself. You must make a change within yourself.

Let us avoid discrimination that will cost anger and revenge because this simple revenge will lead to a big trouble and war. We must also face the problem that we see without using violent ways and we will somehow work it out by proper conversation. Finding peace within yourself could also help us to prevent genocide, it will help you not to bad things especially to kill lives. If you know what peace is, you will surely want it and once you want it, you will make a way to have it.

We must also respect each other, know every people’s worth so that , if you are one of the soldiers or the one who is involved, you would realize that life is so important. And of course, the goverment holds the big responsibility about this, so I think they must be friend with other nation, the world must come together. And the soldiers must know where are they for, because if they are for peace, then why is there war? they must also know their limitation.