Hotel Rfp

Executive Summary XXX China is seeking competitive proposals from consulting firms specializing in Hotel Program in China. We see a major opportunity to enhance the value of our Hotel Program by selecting one partner to execute our 2014 China Hotel RFP. XXX China (including Legacy XXX, XXX and XXX) is seeking support beginning in September 2013 and lasting until the end of December 2013. The right suppliers must demonstrate capabilities in providing comprehensive support to XXX on hotel strategy, negotiations and implementation.

An outline of service needs include the following: o Develop One XXX China preferred hotel list for 2014 o Provide robust benchmarking data o Recommend alternate hotels rather than just renegotiations of our current program o Initiate negotiation or bidding process o Support contract review and approval process o Proactively communicate with the project progress and status Statement of Confidentiality The material and information in this Request for Proposal (RFP) may contain information that is confidential and proprietary to XXX China.

This information is submitted with the express understanding that it will be held in strict confidence and will not be disclosed, duplicated or used, in whole or in part, for any purpose other than evaluation of this Request for Proposal. RFP Process Timeline (Proposed) Presentations Written Information Requested 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. Basic Information Project Plan Fees Expertise Reporting Other No Obligation by XXX China The submission, receipt and review of your response do not obligate XXX China in any way.

XXX China makes no representations, implied or express, that it will accept or approve any response submitted. This RFP is not an offer by XXX China but is intended solely for information and review purposes. Proposal Costs XXX China shall neither be responsible nor liable for any costs incurred by agencies in preparation and submission of their proposals including, but not limited to, copying, printing, presentation and delivery costs. Number of Contracts: XXX China shall have no obligation to award any contract for work, goods, and/or services as a result of this solicitation.

We also reserve the right to cancel this RFP or award more than one contract if necessary. Duration of Contract: It is anticipated that any award(s) resulting from this RFP will become effective on or about Sep 23, 2013 – Jan 31, 2014. Ownership, Use and Return of Materials: All materials submitted by a supplier in response to this RFP become the sole property of XXX China and will not be returned to the bidding agencies. Each agency will retain ownership of any copyrighted or patented material owned by the agency and contained in any submission to us.

All deliverables produced or developed under a contract resulting from this RFP shall be owned by XXX China and will be on a “work for hire” basis. Confidential Information: The information contained in this RFP is considered to be the “Confidential and Proprietary Information of XXX China. ” and shall not be duplicated, used or disclosed other than for purposes of reviewing this RFP. As such, all agencies were requested to complete and execute a Confidentiality Agreement. The bidding agency agrees to take all necessary steps to assure that the XXX China.

“Confidential and Proprietary Information” is not copied, reproduced, disclosed or distributed to any third party or persons, in whole or in part, other than supplier’s employees and agents who are authorized by nature of their duties to receive such information without the written prior consent of XXX in China. The agency further agrees to exercise the same degree of care to safeguard the confidentiality of these materials, as the supplier would exercise to safeguard its own confidential and proprietary materials.

Agencies agree to return to XXX China any confidential or proprietary materials upon request. Agencies are required to submit names of potential third party subcontractors for approval by XXX China prior to sharing any information from this RFP. Agencies who seek to negotiate possible subcontract arrangements with a third party, pre-approved by us, will be held accountable for any breach of the nondisclosure agreements that they have signed with XXX China.

Contract: Wherever there is a conflict between a response to this RFP and the terms and conditions contained in any resulting contract entered into by the parties, the terms and conditions of the contract shall prevail. Amendments: If this RFP is amended by XXX, the amendment will be sent to each supplier in writing. No verbal amendments will be considered or acknowledged. Suppliers are required to acknowledge each amendment received in a cover letter accompanying their proposals.

Exceptions: XXX requires each agency to provide a list of any exceptions taken to this RFP. Any exceptions taken must be identified and explained in writing. An exception is defined as the supplier’s inability to meet a requirement in the manner specified in the RFP. If the supplier provides an alternative solution when taking an exception to a requirement, the benefits to XXX China of this alternative solution must be explained. If an exception is to a term or condition, then the supplier must include a proposed term or condition.

News Releases: Suppliers submitting proposals in response to the RFP are not at liberty to discuss this RFP outside of those people within the supplier’s company who are required to participate in the response. Any public release of information about participation in this RFP will disqualify the supplier. The awardee(s) may not release details of the RFP for public information. Any use of the name or logos of XXX China for advertising or promotional purposes MUST have the prior written approval of an authorized person in XXX China. Thank you for participating in this Request for Proposal, your response is greatly appreciated.