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Preferred language style: English (U.S.) Find a newspaper, magazine, internet, or case report about a lawsuit for discrimination or harassment. It’s okay if the case is not even over yet. If you use a case that is over, then you must have the most current information about it. If you have any doubts about your case or source, email me a link and Ill let you know. Write a one-page summary of your case. This means one full page double-spaced. Include a citation to your source(s). Do not quote directly from your source. There is no required format, but be sure your summary answers the following questions: 1 What is the name of the employer? 2 What was the action that is alleged to be discrimination or harassment? What happened? 3 What was the result of the case, or what do you think the result will be? 4 How much money did the case cost the employer? 5. How could the employer have prevented the case?

Submit your paper through the Turnitin link on the homepage. Don’t attach or submit your paper below. You do not have to turn in a hard copy, but be prepared to discuss your case in class on the due date. Remember that just about every newspaper, periodical, and law case in the country is available through the library website. The EEOC website also has an archive of press releases about discrimination lawsuits.


            One of the recent racial-discrimination cases has been with the software giant Apple Computers.  The MNC has been charged with unfairly dismissing an unnamed African-American employee (for a rather trivial offense suggesting racial discrimination).  The attorney of the plaintiff McCoy considers this to be one of the big racial discrimination cases that have occurred in the US history.

            The lawsuit not only alleges that the employer Apple wrongfully sacked the employee for a trivial offence, but also denied him promotions, perks, discriminated and kept him aside from other staff members.  Dan Riccio was the plaintiff’s superior, who had moved the plaintiff to a separate room, away from the White employees.  He was given less pay and not promoted as compared to the White employees.  When the plaintiff had brought a friend along to the Apple office, an investigation was launched by the authorities.  They then decided to sack the plaintiff.  Earlier many White employees had brought friends along, but did not receive similar punishment as the plaintiff received.  The plaintiff had kept quiet to all the harassments faced in his office, until he was sacked.  Once he was sacked, he approached McCoy, who at that time was working for one of the leading law forms that specializes in racial discrimination lawsuits.  The McCoy law firm had earlier won another case in which the court gave 132 million dollars in terms of damages for racial discrimination (the case titled Carroll Vs. Interstate Brands Corp, 2000).

            The employee worked for Apple since 1998 and was sacked in July 2001.  The case was filed on Oct 30 2001, and the court gave its decision in November 2001.  The company had to pay a fine of 40 million dollars in terms of damages to the African-American employee for racial discrimination.

            The employee had an average work record at Apple.  If he was given a salary similar to that of the White employees at Apple and was promoted in a similar manner, then this case would have not occurred.  Besides, Apple cannot simple dismiss an employee for just bringing in a friend or a family member to the office.  Other White employees have also done so, but they have not been punished.  Apple computer would have to punish other White employees (who bring in their family members) in a similar manner in order not to be alleged of racial discrimination.  The employee lost his job due to this trivial offence and had to seek a new job in Silicon Valley.



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