Homeland Security and Red Teaming

According to the website of the United States of America Department of Homeland Security, its red teaming initiative is tasked to independently assesses the performance in operating capabilities which have been planned and applied or ready to be applied. Included in the overall discipline are technologies, procedures and protocols. HOMELAND SECURITY AND RED TEAMING Preface In the morning of September 11, 2001, the World Trade Center in New York City was destroyed by two hijacked jetliners which crashed on the Twin Towers. Charged for the responsibility was the Al-Qaeda terrorists of Osama bin Laden.

(Timeline & Images on the Morning of September 11, 2001. The Archives of Global Change in the 21st Century. [internet] Accessed August 5, 2008. Available at:<http://www. september11news. com/AttackImages. htm>). It was the greatest blow of insult and physical violence ever demonstrated to the whole world by Arab and Islamic terrorism against the United States of America. The World Trade Center, the epitome and embodiment of America’s finance, trade and commerce, went reeling to the ground, so to speak. It was a slap to Uncle Sam.

It was as if Osama bin Laden poked at George Bush and said, hey kid, I can get you. Most likely the resultant of the September 11 humongous disaster, the US government under the dispensation of President George W. Bush created the Department of Homeland Security in the year 2002. The creation of the department was one of the most major in federal reorganizations for so many years. (United States Department of Homeland Security. Wikipedia. [internet]. Accessed August 5, 2009. Available at: http://en. wikipedia. org/wiki/United_States_Department_of_Homeland_Security)

Being a new cabinet body, it may be understandable that the Department of Homeland Security is still suffering from the pains of infancy. Nevertheless, it is apparently taking new initiatives at plans to develop and enhance homeland security. For instance, it has launched scholarship and fellowship programs intended for those who have interests in science and technology which will have significant bearing on the mission of the department appurtenant to homeland security. (DHS Scholarship and Fellowship Program 2009 Competition Guidelines and Materials. Homeland Security. [internet].

Accessed August 5, 2009. Available at: < http://www. orau. gov/dhsed/>. ) It is an admitted fact that science and technology can provide ample ways and means to develop instruments and other paraphernalia in upgraded and updated manners or methodologies in order to paralyze, if not neutralize, the efforts of terrorism. The research functions of the department which are being handled by its Science and Technology Directorate must therefore be geared toward the planning and implementation of counter-terrorist measures in order to protect the citizens of the United States of America.

At this juncture, it is important and worthy to note that red teaming is actually the study and research of what the opponent or the enemy is doing in order to control or avert or at least mitigate the possible harmful effects of what the adversary plans to do. The history of the two words, or red teaming, is traced during the Cold War era when the number one psychological warfare enemy of the USA was the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics or the USSR. In order to gain self-assurance about capabilities and techniques, the Americans researched whatever the Soviets researched and studied whatever the rivals studied.

It was like constant watching, monitoring, surveillance and vigilance over the Russians or the reds; hence the phrase red teaming, as in forming a team to see over the reds. ((RED TEAMING REVISITED: A Primer on the Dark Arts. Chameleon Associates [internet]. Accessed August 5, 2009. Available at: < http://www. homelandsecurityweekly. com/Red%20Teaming%20Revisited. htm. ) Incidentally, the Russians were doing the same things. It was actually a chain of attack, counter attach, counter to the counter attack and so on and so forth.

The Cold War is already a thing of the past. Ironically and unfortunately, emerging hostilities are more modern and better equipped in knowledge, information and technology about new notions in arms, new kinds of warfare, weaponry and other dynamics of battle and the wider fields of destruction and violent international fighting. Aside from this, the opponents are fanatics and are committed to do the most extreme sacrifice of going suicidal in order to achieve their objectives. That was the case and that was what happened among the hijackers on September 11, 2001.