Holding companies accountable

Every day businesses and corporations are conducting business with their best interest and profits at mind and disreguarding the safety and wellbeing of its concumers. As concumers we trust that theses companies are providing us with the best products and they are safe for us but we know little about what goes on behind the senses.Some of the businesses, and manufactures we chose and trust are chosing profit over our wellbeing and safety.Little oversight and limits on consumer rights have allowed some corporations to harm workers, customers and or the public.

Just as individuals must be personally responsible for the decisions they make and the actions they take, corporations should face real consequences when they cause needless financial or personal harm. Corporations need to face penalties for failing to meet quality and safety standards.

“Today more than ever before it seems that the definition of ethics is unclear. This ambiguity between what is right and wrong is partly due to the lack of ethical practices in the companies that have built corporate America” (Maniam). Corporations are getting away with harming people and the environment disreguarding their responsibility to do no harm because they feel it cheaper to pay a fine than do whats right because they are not being held accountable. Allowing consumers access to files about who have been harmed, and laws to monitor a companies condut and actions might make some corporations take responsibility and be accountable for their actions.

The way the laws are set up corparations are protected allowing them to get away with things ,it takes people to come together and demand to change the laws of corporations for example a community that may want to stop toxic waste, or stop toxic sludge from coming in, or stop a big corporate hog factory farm from coming into the community, not only runs up against the corporations and the state regulatory agencies, it runs up against the Constitution.

It is very important that corporate recognize that for a sustainable development they must be aware of the responsibilities they have to take, developing ethical and environmental products they show that they are doing the right thing. But not all the companies are following this. Here is when governments and the civil society have to intervene and try to stop the tremendous damage that corporate are generating not only for the community, but also for the entire planet.Governments are the ones in charge to create specific laws, and legally make companies to do what they have to do, respond for their actions, and ensure that their products and operations are not harmful for the community and the planet.

There have been many scandles , mishaps, deaths and injuries that could been prevented such as the case of the Pintos, Exxon oil spill, BP oil spill and the Minning disaster had these companies been ethical and responsible for their actions.

In May 1968 the cases involving the explosion of Ford Pinto’s due to a defective fuel system design led to the debate of many issues, most centering around the use by Ford of a cost-benefit analysis and the ethics surrounding its decision not to upgrade the fuel system based on this analysis it was unethical for Ford to use the risk/benefit analysis in situations where a defect in design or manufacturing could lead to death or seriously bodily harm, which it did. In April 2010 ,29 miners died from an explosion in the Upper Branch Mine in West Virginia, owned by Massey Coal Co. and four miners were missing.

Massey Coal is no stranger to disasters two miners died in its 2006 Aracoma Mine disaster which could have been worse because Investigators found hundreds of violations.

The company pled guilty to criminal charges, paid a $2.5 million fine, and settled its case with MSHA for $1.7 million in civil penalties. Massey has decided it’s cheaper to pay the fines than to follow the law. It’s cheaper for men to die than to spend money on safety. You can’t put a company in jail. So who do you go after ? The CEO and the regulations make sure that they stay behind the scene and have other people do their unethical work which in the minning case was the foreman and supervisors; those with no authority or power. They have responsibility without any decision making.

There are no provisions to hold accountable those people who are responsible for safety policies and procedures, or the corporate executives who insisted it was more important to run coal than to build ventilation controls, or the board of directors, which is ultimately responsible for the conduct of the corporation. The people behind these big corporations now how to play their hand, they know just how far to into the mix of business to where they can claim they are not responsible when they are the ones who truelly make all the decisions and pass them down.

As comsumers people can stand together and fight the conduct and practices of the companies we trust with our wellbeing and safety. When Consumers purchase a automobile they should feel safe and have confidence that the automobile was made and designed with high quality and superior safety features. Holding Corporate America Accountable is a task for everyone in order to demand new regulations.

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