History of Samsung Research Paper

When we talk about businesses that have humble beginning, then the history of Samsung can serve as the perfect example. It all started on March 1, 1938 when Byung-Chull Lee, the founding chairman of Samsung initiated a business in Korea with a capital of only 30,000 won. The primary products of what was then Samsung were dried Korean fish, fruits, and vegetables traded from Beijing and Manchuria.

For the etymology of Samsung, it has the root words "three stars." The business or Mr. Lee expanded and it had acquired confectionery machines, increased its sales operations and as we have known at present it has become a global corporation that is now offering various brands, products, around the world. The Samsung Electronics that mainly produces Samsung mobile phones and other mobile phone deals today is similar to the Samsung Company that existed in the 1970s.

In the 1970s, the strategic foundations of Samsung became more established when it engaged itself to various investments in petrochemical industries and in 1974 it continued to expand its business as Samsung Shipbuilding Company. And then Samsung entered the production of home electronics business apart from the semiconductor manufacturing industry it acquired hereafter.

The Samsung Mobile Phones Kick Off It has no doubt that Samsung became diversified when it comes to products and services. However, the breakthrough of Samsung products became sensationalized when it entered once again the telecommunications industry. It has become known for its innovations and was proclaimed as the world's second largest vendor of mobile phones.

Though Samsung Electronics has gained corporate affairs in other business areas such as the digital media, the semiconductors, the LCD, and the digital appliance, the telecommunication network business area of Samsung became a record breaker. Samsung has been producing cellular devices that include mobile phones, PDA phones, and the most innovative of them all the Mobile Intelligent Terminals which are considered hybrid devices. Even satellite receivers became a part of Samsung's telecommunication network.

Samsung and its mobile phone deals have successfully laid its foundation in becoming a world class company in the previous years. In 2006 alone, it has achieved the following accomplishments for mobile phones production and innovation:

• Developed the world's first ever OneDRAMTM

• 10 million sales record breaker in the United States for mobile phones

• Introduced the 10M pixel for camera mobile phones

• Revealed the fastest HSDPA phone and system in the world

• Commenced and completed the manufacturing plant in India for mobile phones

The present line up of Samsung mobile phones which comes with excellent mobile phone deals include the most beautiful technology mobiles namely: SGH-E950, SGH-E840, and SGH-J600. the latest luxurious mobile phones introduced in Singapore are known for its stylish designs, innovative and excellent features, that all comes with high-tech multimedia features. The striking designs and uncompromising features, functions, and performances of Samsung mobile phones will continue to rule the mobile phone industry around the world.