Highlight and Stress the Importance of Gun Safety

I selected this topic because I’ve always been interested in gun laws. I grew up with a family that is comfortable with guns and owns them. I’ve gone hunting with a my grandparents and cousins a few times and am very comfortable with guns myself. My dad and anyone else who I went shooting with when I was younger had always made sure to highlight and stress the importance of gun safety. I myself know a good amount of information about of guns and see the miscommunication about guns over the news and find it interesting how it feeds into other false information and false thoughts. I also am a supporter of stricter background checks and want to find the balance in gun control and gun ownership, because I am a supporter of the second amendment.

When conducting my research I wanted to find a younger person that is opposing some of the gun restrictions. The reason for this is because I wanted to see the view of someone who is a part of the new generation because a lot of the pro gun supporters tend to be on the older side and a lot of the new generation is opposing guns so I wanted to see the view of someone who is on both a part of the new generation while also supporting guns. When conducting my research I found it most interesting how guns have increased in amounts and gun homicide has decreased. I found it interesting because on the news a lot is centered around gun homicide making it seem like gun violence is rising and nothing is changing however in reality there has been a huge decrease in gun violence since around 2000. This doesn’t mean just because there has been progress that we should stop, but it does show how there is progression which isn’t represented in the news.

I am responsible for most of the solutions, organizing the slides, the article “Gun Control Laws Are Strict Enough”, and coming up with our question. I feel good about my role in our project because everyone had a very equal part in the completion of it and it wasn’t like someone did the whole project as I have been in that situation before. If I were in the same situation with having finals for school and state for track I wouldn’t have done anything differently because I feel I have put the right amount of time and effort into this project. If I were to do anything differently I would maybe rehearse what the group would be saying before the presentation.