High Crime Rate

Poverty is a primary factor that contributes to the present increase in violent crime rates (“Poverty, parenting cause crime”). It was also reported that extreme poverty is the reason why commission of murder, rape and aggravated robbery are committed in inner cities (“Poverty, parenting cause crime”). If there is a high level of inequality in the society, self-confidence and self-respect will diminish making people to do crimes instead of behaving. Another report mentioned that lack of parental skills as an aftermath of poverty can lead to criminal acts (“Poverty, parenting cause crime”).

This is especially true if the victims of the crime are children. Aside from that, inner city families also accept the fact that criminal acts are common in their surroundings. Their primary concern is to protect their children from criminals. Acceptance of that fact automatically makes it normal in a society. Hence, it is important to eradicate in the minds of the people in inner cities that criminal acts are not normal and can be prevented. It is quiet true that there are poor communities wherein crime rate could not be that high.

A question may be asked: does poverty equals to crime? There are many answers to this question such that inner city society is different with other communities. Gazette Extra Website (2008) provided causes of crimes such as: “If families failed to instill in the minds of their children important values, it could result to criminal acts in the future. Poor housing conditions could also lead to criminal actions. If the education level of a person is too low, crime rates may also increase since understanding of decent living becomes distorted due to extreme poverty.

When chronic unemployment affects the society, many people will resort to crimes just to earn a living like robbery, stealing and murder”. (1) It is then the responsibility of the parents to make sure that family values will be taught to their children. Besides, parents should also work hard for their children to attain higher educational status. Having a high educational attainment could lessen chronic unemployment (“Does Poverty Equals Crime? Scholars Disagree”). It is clear that all these problems must be solved first before reacting to the harsh realities of life.

It is hard for the actual families on inner cities to avoid criminal actions since it has become part and parcel in city life. For perceived families on inner cities, trying hard to teach family values to their children as well as working hard for the complete education of their children, could eradicate extreme poverty. This seems to be a simple perception but good motivation and example of the parents could make things possible. For all we know, not all poor-stricken countries had high crime rates (“Does Poverty Equals Crime? Scholars Disagree”). That would only mean that poverty is not really the reason of high crime rates.