Heritage Society of British Columbia

Various companies are existent in the house moving industry of British Columbia, Canada but there are only two primary rivals of Supreme House Movers. These are the Nickel Bros. House Moving Ltd. and the Apex Industrial Movers which are both capable competitors. Though SHM and Nickel Bros. have a friendly competition their differences in their strengths and weaknesses could not be concealed. Nickel Bros. has wide area coverage of services offered because it has 3 branches in British Columbia and 4 branches in the United States of America.

The wide area of services offered by Nickel Bros. uplifts their company through increasing the number of clients their able to serve at one time. The competitive edge of Nickel Bros. is further increased because they received awards and recognitions from distinguished organizations for their contribution to the society. The communication award from the Hallmark Society, recognition for the Habitat for Humanity, Advocacy Award of Honour from the Heritage Society of  British Columbia, and the Most Innovative Move recognition from IASM are among the proofs that intensifies the integrity of Nickel Bros. in the house moving industry.

Another competitive plus factor of Nickel Bros. over the SHM is the fact that the former is still involve in buy and sell of houses. Through incorporating the moving services with the real estate business the Nickel Bros. will be able to widen their clientele. Apex Industrial Movers is the other major competitor of SHM Ltd. Apex’s area of expertise is moving overweight and oversized infrastructures utilizing various forms of transportation. The primary equipment used in the moving methodology of Apex Industrial Movers is the jack which they in different sizes and shapes.

Other equipments that Apex offers in its moving services are the skates, barge ramps, heavy duty trailers, trailer components, gentries, towers, beams, and special power supplies. Apex is confident that the jacking systems that their company utilizes in their moving services put them at edge in the competitive moving industry. The company also believes that their experienced employees contribute to their company’s success. Substitutes The alternatives of moving infrastructures like houses from one place to another include purchasing a new house and building on site.

People that think moving houses is too much to handle opt to purchase a house that has already been built and ready to be lived in. The lack of dilemma in purchasing a new house though is the cost. Compared with purchasing a new house, the moving of a prior property from one area to another is a lot cheaper. Those people that neither like to move their previous house to the new place they want to live in nor want to buy a house which has already been erected can chose to build on site. This means that the acquired land property still has no erected house thus the new owners will have a house constructed.

Like the other substitute the building on site will be more expensive than just moving a previous house. The materials used in construction increased over time thus constructing a new house if with the same details as that of the previous will shed more cost. People that are not attached to the previous house meaning the old house has no sentimental value will opt to build on site. This moving substitute also comes in handy for those people that want to have a house that is up to date with the latest architectural design.

The houses being moved are usually antique so it is not a good option for those that are interested with the latest architectural design available in the market. Critical Key Success Factors The success of a moving company involves the provision of services according to the signed contract between the two parties. The moving services rendered should be ensured to have not destroyed or damaged the moved property. The erection of the moved infrastructure as scheduled is also a great factor in the success of moving companies thus the methodology applied in moving the properties should not compromise the goal schedule.

The service providers of movers in British Columbia should be able to cope up with the needs of the clientele through the application of innovative moving methods and usage of the appropriate transportation vehicles and equipments. The provision of moving companies of safety working environment to their employees during the move through application of safety precautionary measures will contribute to the bulk of the success of a company in the moving business.

Involvement in the organizations of the industry is also a competitive edge for success for moving companies. Through the organizations such as BCSMA and CAM the moving companies will be able to share useful business ideas and together uplift the industry. The establishment of integrity of a company in the moving industry is the most vital factor that will be embraced by future clients because clients hire the company that will accomplish the work at the client’s best interest.

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