Heddon Court Avenue

This consists of copies of both the questionnaires that I produced and carried out as part of my primary research. Below is the introduction that I attached to the first questionnaire explaining to the residents what I was carrying out. The first questionnaire begins on the page overleaf.

Copy of First Questionnaire Reena Shah Heddon Court Avenue

As part of my business studies coursework I am carrying out two questionnaires to find out what sort of business that does not currently exist, is likely to be successful on Cockfosters Road. In the first questionnaire (attached) I am hoping to find out what type of business you would like to add to Cockfosters Road. This questionnaire will then be collected and I will send you a second questionnaire that will be produced from the results of the first questionnaire.

It would be much appreciated if you would help me by completing as much of the questionnaire attached. Thank you very much for your time and effort, it is greatly appreciated. I would be grateful if you would keep this ready for collection tomorrow afternoon.

Higher managerial, administrative or professional (Doctor / lawyer / company directors etc). Intermediate managerial, administrative or professional (Teacher / nurse / manager etc). Supervisory or clerical & junior management, administrative or professional (Shop assistant / clerks / police constables).

What shops / businesses do you regularly visit or are a regular customer of on Cockfosters Road? Newsagents ( Restaurants ( Cafes ( Hairdressers ( Butchers ( Greengrocers ( Pharmacies ( Clothes Shops (  Banks / Building Societies ( Other(please specify). How often do you visit the shops / businesses on Cockfosters Road?