Health. Minor Paper

Health is the general condition of the body ((1991). Collins English dictionary). This definition is what I initially thought when it came to health but in matter a fact this is a very narrow minded definition. In the first seminar we were asked to draw a picture of what we thought health was, I drew the basics which consisted of a man running, fruits, vegetables and a healthy brain. In matter of fact the drawing I drew was very narrow minded as I didn’t realise that physical and mental health weren’t the only aspects of health.

There are more than two aspects of health which are physical, mental, social, emotional and spiritual. Metaphorically someone’s health can be compared to a tire and if all 5 components of that persons health isn’t balance the tire will be flat and won’t have the same effect as a working tire (Greenberg, J. (1985)).

The 2 aspects of health that are known by everyone is physical and mental health. Many people only see these two aspects for health as it may be the way they were educated. Coming from a physical Education background I was only ever taught the physical and mental parts of health as were many other students.

This may be a flaw in the education system because it doesn’t broaden people’s views on health and may contribute to people not reaching their full healthy wellbeing. Physical health is know by everyone and in most cases it is what people see to determine whether someone is healthy or not. Physical health is the biggest aspect of health determined by most people around the world including myself.

By looking at people you can determine if they are healthy or not. I find physical health the biggest part of my health aspects as that keeping myself physically healthy also has an impact on my mental, emotional and social health. By being physically healthy it gives me the confidence mentally, emotionally and socially. According to my picture that was drawn at the start of the seminars it shows it is the biggest part of health that I knew.

Social health is one of the aspects I didn’t realise that came under the category of health. After discussion and thinking about it, I realised social health is an important part to being healthy as interacting with other people is an important part of life. Social health by some is self deemed the highest priority which may cause harm to other aspects of health. For myself my social health is very important but to keep the metaphorical tyre rotating evenly the social aspect mustn’t push out the others. Emotional health is the aspect which determines whether a person is happy or not.

This aspect of health is equally or nearly as important as physical health. The emotional aspect may be attached to the other forms of health as that physical and social health is going to determine ones emotional state. Therefore to have a good balance the physical and social health should have a positive impact on the emotional health.

To me I didn’t realise that spiritual aspects of myself came under the category of health. After learning I now understand that in some people’s lives they have a strong spiritual side. This may not affect me as my spiritual health is small and doesn’t play a big role on my health. Even though my spiritual health is small it is important that I can see it as it plays a role in the health “tire”.

This aspect of health would be considered to take a small role in health and out of all 5 aspects this would be the one that would be most forgotten or not considered to be anything of importance. According to the Greenburg article people’s health may have an effect on others. For instance if someone was to be in a relationship and decided to focus on their physical health more than anything else they wouldn’t have enough time to satisfy their social health. In saying this, the social aspect deteriorates leaving no time for people around them.

The person who is on the other end of the relationship is therefore left in the dark which then affects their own social health negatively. I never saw this in my own life that my health may harm others which is now why it is important to always think about what I am going to do, as focussing solely on my own health may harm the people closest to myself (Greenberg, J. (1985)). “How do people determine if someone is healthy or not?” this question doesn’t completely make sense to myself now as that learning that there are more than 2 categories of health. I used to be able to look at people and know if they were healthy or not.

After discovering that health isn’t just physical it is impossible to know if someone is healthy just by looking at them. In saying this someone may be overweight but they have sacrificed some of their physical health so that their social health may become more of an important factor of health to themself. The person may be judged as not healthy by some but they might consider themself healthy. In conclusion I have learnt that there are different aspects to someone’s health.

I have now drawn a new picture of what I feel that health is which include social, mental, emotional and spiritual pictures as well as physical. I feel that my physical health is the biggest part of my life so I have drawn that the biggest and then drawn the other aspects of health combining with each other as that different parts of my health affect the other aspects of it.

Although my spiritual health is small my other aspects of health make up for it keeping my “tire” round and moving. Even though this course is only half way through I felt that I have learnt a lot about health and my own which still leads me to ask questions about my health.

References:(1991). Collins English dictionary. Glasgow, Harper Collins. [Accessed: 1st April 2013]. Greenberg, J. (1985) Health and Wellness. Journal of School Health, 55 (10), [Accessed: 1st April 2013].