Health and Safety in Construction Example

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HND’s in Construction/Civil Engineering Unit Title: Health, Safety & Welfare for CBE

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Learning outcomesOn successful completion of this unit a learner will:Assessment criteria for a pass The learner can:Page NumberStudentAssessorLO1Understand the health, safety and welfare legislation applicable to the construction and built environment sector1.1discuss the use of approvedcodes of practice to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation

1.2explain the responsibilities for providing welfare facilities on-site

1.3evaluate the penalties for non-compliance with current health and safety at work legislation

LO2Understand the main requirements of an effective health and safety policy2.1analyse organizational health and safety policies and procedural documents

2.2determine training needs from a given risk assessments, including on-site induction training and relevant sector certification

LO3Understand hazard and risk identification in design and construction3.1select a method of hazard identification using data supplied3.2identify the hazards associated with construction processes

3.3explain the use of standard formats for identifying and recording hazards

3.4explain how risk assessments are used to address significant hazards

LO4Understand the need to review, revise and monitor risk assessments4.1monitor and review risk assessments in light of changes to circumstances

4.2evaluate changes in procedure or policy

4.3justify the effectiveness of the implemented changes

LO5Be able to undertake risk assessments5.1

produce risk assessments for different workplaces and forms of work

HND’s in Construction/Civil Engineering Health, Safety & Welfare in CBE

BackgroundThis coursework is aimed at allowing you the opportunity to meet the requirements of the following Learning Outcome:

LO1. Understand the health, safety and welfare legislation applicable to the construction and built environment sector.

A site has been chosen for the possible construction of a leisure complex as part of an ongoing urban regeneration scheme. The development is to allow for the provision of a main building accommodating two multi-purpose sports halls, a multi-fitness gym, three squash courts, a 50m Olympic swimming pool, changing facilities/showers, reception, offices for staff and a cafeteria.

It is intended that an awareness of the scale and functional requirements of the various elements be demonstrated in order to arrive at realistic solutions and proposals for the project as a whole.

It is unclear as to the exact historical nature of the site, although the area has seen industrial activity taking place in it since the late 19th Century. The site has a number of buildings located within its boundaries that show signs of chemical processing taking place more recently. Also, there is evidence on the site of waste material having been stored in open pits and there are a number of sealed containers that have no definable markings on them.

It is anticipated that some of the buildings on the site are to be adapted for storage use within the new development.

Task 1 – 1.1a.Identify the key legislation that is involved in maintaining the health & safety of those involved in, or affected by, the works being undertaken on this project. b.For the legislation that you have identified, discuss more broadly the utilisation of their approved code of practice (ACoP) to ensure compliance with health and safety legislation. c.Ensure that you identify likely problems that may be met in attempting to implement them and the measures taken to overcome such problems.

Task 2 – 1.2a.Identify the main legislations governing welfare facilities requirements on this construction sites, and state who is responsible for their provision. b.Describe the range of welfare facilities that may be required for this project.

Task 3 – 1.3a.Having identified the various relevant legislation applicable to this construction project, then evaluate the penalties for non-compliance.