Health Services Analysis Paper

The final exam is valued at 250 points and made up of 10 multiple choice (6 points each), 4 short answer (15 points each), and 5 essay questions (25 points each). To earn full points, the short answer questions need to be answered in complete sentences; for the essay questions, you need to provide detailed responses that directly answer all parts of the question and provide supporting details and/or examples.

Key Terms / Concepts (Define)

Health Policy –

Regressive Payments –

Proportional Payments –

Dispersed Model of Care –

Regionalized Model of Care –

Patient Cost Sharing –

Rationing –

Deductibles –

Co-insurance –

Topics / Areas To Review:

– The relationship of health outcomes & the uninsured

– What is the role of the “gatekeeper”

– Components of high quality care

– Identify the most common medical care structures of the twentieth century

– Current issues in medical ethics

– Examples of Painless Cost Control; Why are they painless?

– Cost Controlling Mechanisms

– Health Care services that fall under Long Term Care

– Issues that affect the quality of health care services

– Categories of national health insurance plans

– The primary features of national health insurance plans

– Non-financial barriers to accessing health services

– Identify the modes of paying for health care

– Strategies of Prevention

– Identify & Define the four principles of medical ethics

– Define the three models of organizing care (Primary, Secondary, Tertiary)

– How does malpractice affect the quality of health services

– The relationship between costs and health outcomes

– Why private health insurance has decreased over past decades

– Transferring financial risk

– Define price controls and provide examples

– Define global budgeting and provide examples

– Identify U.S. legislative efforts that support the concept of “medical care as a right of citizenship” and those that are against this concept

– What are the primary challenges of the employer-based system of health care

– Identify what the most pressing issues in health policy will be for the next 10 years and why

– Identify the major actors (stakeholders) of the health care system

– Identify the cost containment measures used in the four countries identified in Chapter 14