Health care Essay Sample

I was able to find out how much strength that Chevron has and what makes them such a successful business. The greatest strength Chevron has is how they take care of people whether they work for them or not. One of their strengths is how they take care of their employees and what they do as a business to get their employees. Chevron stakeholders spend a lot of money on educational programs and grants to find future employees for their business. If you are young adult trying to get into engineering, science, or math field and go through the programs they have set up in public high schools they give the student a grant to go to college and then later be able to join Chevron after graduating and work for them full time.

Another one of Chevron’s strength is they like to help people around the world not only their employees when it comes to health care plans. One of the threats that Chevron face and this is why I said they should come up with another method to find natural gas. When they drill into shale rocks they are taking a huge risk do to the type of methods and chemicals they are drilling into that might contaminate the ground water supplies of where they are drilling. It is a risking business that can make them a lot of money but if anything where to go wrong and they started to contaminate water supplies it could cost them their business in the long run. The last threat that I could think of that can really hurt Chevron right now is the economy is in a recession.

There is always a large demand for energy when a country is struggling. If the country is struggling then the business is struggling too. There is a large amount of people in the country that are struggling to afford gas and other energies that Chevron provides and if they can’t afford to pay for them then Chevron will struggle to sell their product and will be force to raise prices to be able to afford to run business they way they been or they are going to take a great loss if they are force to lower prices and their needs as a business won’t be meet and they could go under for not meeting up with the demand and what the consumer can afford.