Health Assessment Summary

The term wellness is relatively new and it discusses the optimal health that a person has. The term wellness has to do with more than just physical health of a person. Concerning an individual, wellness deals with six dimensions of health; physical, spiritual, intellectual, social, psychological, and environmental ( Insel & Roth, 2006). Wellness happens when good choices are made about a person living their everyday lives.

The purpose of this paper is to identify three of the six dimensions of health that are strongest and also one of those six that is the weakest and/or needs some improvement. In addition, this paper will also discuss a person’s decisions and habits that can be made to improve on personal health and discuss what should be learned in the course to assist in a healthier lifestyle.

Social, spiritual, and intellectual are three of the six dimensions of personal health that I identify with dealing with the strengths of my personal health. Growing up as an adolescent, religion has always played a major part in my life. Religion motivates and aids me in staying spiritually together. An individual can be religious and in the same token be weak spiritually. I feel my religion keeps me strong. The importance of being a spiritual person is having morals and certain values that give meaning to your life and your ability for compassion, forgiveness and love.

A couple years ago, the intellectual part of personal health for me was a little weak. But I in turn, set various goals for myself and concluded I needed to attend college to better my education. I was never fond of school and found it a bit redundant to attend everyday to discuss the same ideas. I now have the foresight that I need to understand what it takes to get where I want to be in life. Now I am nearing my goal one class at a time which brings me closer to achieving my Bachelor of Science in Health Administration.

Attending schools helps me become healthier in the intellectual aspect of personal health. Having the social dimension of health comes easier than the others. The social dimension of personal health stays healthy for me naturally because being social comes easy. Three of the six dimensions; spiritual, social, spirituals are in good health standings for me but to have complete personal wellness I must have good health in all six of the dimensions.

Throughout most of my life, my physical health has always been excellent. Interests with many outdoors activities, personally feeling and the military has given me motivation and great training with my physical health. However, within the last few years family issues and complacency set in on the physical dimension and my personal health started to decline in my eyes.

I believe a person’s physical wellness is important at all times. Insel and Roth gives examples why physical wellness is important and the dynamics are good habits for eating, steering clear of unhealthy harmful habits, exercising, and routine checkups with doctors and dentists.

Physical wellness determines the quality and length of life (Insel & Roth, 2006). Exercising physically and better eating habits are two goals of mine that I will be working towards this coming summer. To have success with the improvement of personal health, Insel and Roth explains that you should work towards achieving just one goal at a given time. I will slowly start with a simple exercise regimen that has four days of intense cardiovascular exercises for 30 to 40 minutes and use the other days as light days to rest a bit.

After I have a normal exercise routine in place, I will also deal with my eating habits, which has to include less overall consumption and more fruits and vegetables. Having a normal exercise regimen and a better overall diet can assist men in the improvement of my physical well being of personal health that will positively interact with the five other dimension of personal health. I am looking forward to understanding how improvements on my lifestyle through better health choices.

Personal health deals with all six of the dimensions of health, which are psychological, social, physical, spiritual, environmental and intellectual. I consider three of the six dimensions to be a strong part of my personal health. Physical wellness is one of the six that I feel needs some improvement. I indentify different goals to help improve personal decisions and actions that can improve my physical health. Also, I plan to educate myself on different techniques to help improve my physical health during my time in this class.


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