Head of state

In the world, there are many different systems that a government will use to rule and control their nation. Different nations will use different systems based on their national ideologies. Some countries will use a republic, federal, or monarchy system added with systems like democracy, communism, liberal, etc. Today, we would like to abolish a certain system and render it unusable for any country. That system would be the royal system of the Monarchy.

This system is a system where a king, queen, and family would control and rule the land based on their own wills. There are constitutional Monarchies like in UK and Malaysia that create two powers of control, The Royal Family and The State Government. There are also absolute Monarchies like in Saudi Arabia and Brunei Darussalam that only have one absolute sole power, The Royal Family as The State Government.

We would like to abolish this system because this system is unjust, unfair, and ineffective to rule a nation, because of its system of a singular power control. By that reason, we would destroy all monarchies, and change nations to other systems that are just, fair, and effective. The first reason to prove our claim is that Monarchies are undemocratic. This is caused by the events when the opinion of just one person (the King or Queen), in power purely by accident of birth, should not be able to intervene in political flows or call upon a government.

For example, in the UK, the Monarch has the power to choose a Prime Minister, which should only be the people’s right to choose a leader, dismiss ministers, which should only be the Head of Government’s right, dissolve the parliament, which is only the Head of Parliament’s right, refuse to agree to legislation by parliament, which should only be the Head of Government’s right, pardon convict criminal, which disturbs fair Judicial Systems, declare state of emergency, which should only be the Head of Government’s right, and raise their own militia, which should be the Military General’s right.

Monarchies like Saudi Arabia and Brunei Darussalam have even more absolute power of the country. In 2010, the Queen interfered in the election process by signing approval for the Conservative and Liberal Democrat Parties of UK to be elected Head of Government. Secondly, Supervising, Protecting, and Running a Monarchy is Unacceptable in Public Expenses. It’s unacceptable to use public tax and state wealth for the expenses of a person and their immediate family. Tax money is used for expensive lifestyles, servants, holidays, and hobbies, while state wealth is used for maintaining palaces that aren’t even open for the public to use.

The UK’s official name for this payment in the constitution is called The Head of State Expenditure, which in 2007 – 2008 spent ? 40 million for the Queen. This doesn’t even count the cost for security for all family members which is estimated to be a cost of ? 50 million. Another reason is that Monarch have no Right to Authority. For centuries the main justification for royal authority was a religious one. But monarchs have no divine right to rule. Centuries before, Catholic rules used to justify their rule by papal approval from the Vatican Roman Church.

The Church would preach about how the ruler had rightful authority to rule the nation every Sunday. Thus the ruler repaid The Church by in turn protecting the single national church. The Queen of UK is called Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms, and Territories, Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith. Thus inclines the Queen to be The Defender of the Protestant Faith, and she must be a member of The Church of England, thus not to marry a non – protestant.

But, today’s societies are increasingly multi faith, with Angelic, Protestant, Catholic, Sunni, Shia, Hinddu, Buddhist, etc. An empire that centuries before used to be all religious is now a place where an atheist community is growing. It’s hard to believe that anyone believes that the monarch has any spiritual right to authority. In modern times, some ethical or religious differentials will feel discriminated and alienated that a certain group seems to have a special right to rule. Lastly, Democratic Elections are an Alternative to Monarchy.

It’s far more fair for the Head of State to be elected and chosen by the people instead of a random person gaining power and position totally accidental by birth. Having the society chose who their leader will be; using a fair election will create a trusted and supported government. In turn, it prevents a ruler that rules without a check and balance system with the people and rules without the consensus of the people. Because of that, we have proved that Monarchies are undemocratic, unacceptable to run with society’s money, have no right to rule, and that democratic elections are fair better.