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The website is very helpful in terms of recent event and updates on the military, recruitment, and history. However, set within the parameters of the topic of women’s concerns on leaving their children behind on official military travelling, there is little to no information regarding them. Thus, this website will be helpful only to those who seek information about pursuing a career in the military. The main intention for this website is apparently to attract potential recruits into the military as can be gleaned in browsing the first page. In it is information regarding military careers, news, education and benefits.

Even the ads in the site involve the promotion of the army, navy, air force, marine corps, coast guard, and the national guard. The site is all about the promotion of being in the military as a viable career path. Because of this, most of what you can see in the site is biased to the positives in being in the military. In the case of Hacker’s criteria, the website would not be recommended for the topic in question. Although in terms of currency, the site passes with flying colors because of updates, and the perfect links, there are many flaws and questions as to the validity of the information written.

The first problem lies with the authorship. Articles, whether or not they are from the US military itself, should be written with by-lines and/or source citations to know where the news is coming from. Without the information, it would be easy to give out false information. There is also no background information regarding the company or the people behind the site, which makes it less credible. However, some parts of the sites lend it the credibility it should have as will be discussed in the next paragraphs.

With regard to sponsorship, we can see that the sponsors on the site are all military-related, from scholarships to financing to shops. Moreover, all these sponsors are separate (or at least it is what it’s leading us to believe) entities from the website itself. The website is evidently not from the government, having a . com at the end instead of a . gov. Perhaps, this is one of the reasons why there is little information about women’s concerns about the military: it’s because the site cares more about getting new recruits than giving crucial information about issues and lives of the personnel.

Other links on the site are connected to online military games, careers, housing, and others, pointing to the fact that the site focuses less on issues and concerns and more on gathering interest on the military. The purpose of the site is for information about the military to entice them to join. This is to say that any negative sides to the military are not found or shaded. This means that issues such as women and their children may not be found. As we can observe, such information is not available on the site unless directly asked in the forums. As well, in the forums, there is only one question and one answer related to this issue.

Other topics that concern women found in the site are their acceptance in the military, the benefits they get and the honors they receive for their services, as well as how they came to be content with being in the military. From these reasons, we can surmise that the site’s intended audience is mainly men and women who are seeking a new career path or are looking for options when they reach college. With the focus of this site, it will be nearly irrelevant to surf the site for information regarding women’s issues when they are leaving their children as soon as the government deploys them to other areas.

In summary, while the site ranks high in the “current” criteria, it does not contribute to the relevance of the topic in question. This is because the content that should be updated does not have any information on the topic as reflected in the sponsorship, and purpose and audience criteria. The authorship criteria make the articles dubious because of the lack of sources and by-lines that are essential in confirming whether the information given out by the site is true or otherwise. The site, then, is only useful for research regarding a possible career in the armed forces.