Hampton Engineering

Hampton University is one of the top Universities to get an education amongst Historically Black colleges and Universities. Like every university in the country, there is always something that can be improved to better the school. This is a world that is always changing by the minute, so in order to keep up we need to change things as well. Hampton University needs to improve the technology used by the engineering department to prepare students for their future in the engineering field. As a University Hampton produces plenty of business man and woman but not very known for its engineering department or graduates.

Hampton University not being highly known for its engineering department is possibly a big reason the engineering department does not have a top up to date technology for their students. In order to give students the best possible experience as an engineer, the department should invest in computers for the engineers to use in the building. These computers should have the equipment to both practices and learn the graphics involved in engineering. Getting computers for the students to use can also serve as an easier way to teach the students with a more hands on approach.

The basic writing on paper and sketching on paper is not what most engineers in today world use, they use software that allow them to draw it out on a digital surface. The benefits of getting more computers could also create more creditability for students when they are looked at by company’s considering hiring them. There isn’t a duplicate for the amount of hands on learning that can be done on the computer. There is software available like Microsoft MSDN Academic Alliance or Siemens NX8 Design Software.

Both are programs that are student friendly that I know are used by other universities such as North Carolina a&T as well as Virginia Tech. These are schools whose engineering as taken flight and prepares its students to the best of their ability with up to date technology. Computer software can allow students to build something in front of their eyes and then see if it works using the software. That will show students a lot more detail and show the students just how accurate they have to be to become a successful engineer.

The software will allow students to build something piece by piece as if they were working for a company and needing to present to their boss a final product. Updating the technology will also attract more students to want to come to Hampton for the engineering program. Engineering is a field and career choice that is rapidly growing in popularity. Which means more students are looking to pursue a university that will prepare them enough so that they can earn the big dollars sooner rather than later.

If Hampton can show prospective students how state of the art and profound their program is then, it will allow more students to want to come to Hampton. For many students coming out of high school, the college decision to go to a historically black College or university is between North Carolina a&t and Hampton University. So why give North Carolina A&t the edge in engineering when we already have the edge in other areas? Students who want to do engineering want the latest technology to learn in their engineering classes.

Students will also see the technology as Hampton stepping out of the dark ages and coming to the twenty-first century. Updating the technology is also giving students real hands on examples to use and practice on such as circuits, engines, sounds systems, plants, solar panels and other things along those lines. Those are tools that can be vital to a young adult’s learning curve when it comes to a career field as competitive and changing as being an engineer is in the real world beyond college. With updated technology, it will hold the students and school to a whole new standard in the eyes of people from the outside.

The updated technology will also get around to other states and potentially get Hampton a house hold college discussion regularly. It will be a lot more appealing to students to know that if they chose to come to Hampton because of engineering that it will be very similar to the things they will do for a career upon graduating from Hampton. Improving the technology in the engineering department can make it a lot easier for students to understand and get a grasp on the things being taught to them. This will ultimately improve the academics as a whole at Hampton.

Hampton being known as one of the top historically black colleges and universities could step up and set itself apart complete with the improved technology needed in the engineering department. Also, this could push students to their maximum potential in the classroom. Not all students learn the same way so having technology will help those students that are more visual learners. As a school with a president who is a competitor it should be very willing to compete against these bigger colleges in everything that is offered at Hampton and updating the engineering departments’ technology will allow Hampton to be competitive in all fields.

Engineering is starting to become a big impact for many universities and is considered at top career path so Hampton should make sure that is its engineers have state of the art technology to match. The technology needed to make the department more improved can be a focal point for the student learning curve and allow more students to flourish with it. With those improvements, it will force other schools to half to compete with Hampton instead of the other way around. Students want to be physically involved instead of just reading and writing all the time.

It is a big difference in using your hands to build something and just simply drawing it on paper with a pencil. The impact from the technology could also allow for students to do more innovated projects for class. These projects that can be completed can also have the makings to do research and be creative. Creativity is a lot easier to use when you have more than a pencil and paper in your arsenal to use every day. Building and working on things with the technology in class can be good practice for what is in stored for the average engineer after graduation.

After seeing Hampton University’s engineering department for myself, I can conclude that it is a good program but if they want to take it to the next level the technology used in the department should really be updated. There are many benefits that will be gained with the addition of more modern technology in that department. Hampton can attract more students and further its reputation as not only one of the top historically black colleges but also as one of the top colleges in the country. The change might be a very big adjustment for the teachers, but it will be worth it in the long run.