Halthy eating and How the goverment can help

The food shown in adverts is mainly artificial, fake and unhealthy. Most of it is shown raw and just made to look better than it actually is. The advertisements make lots of claims that are simply lies and are not true, if not impossible, and are just there to get and persuade people to buy the product. The Government can help this situation get better by making food outlets healthier and a bit further away from schools. This will help because pupils and students from the schools nearby will not be as tempted to grab something they can eat on their way to or from school as they will have to travel farther to get the food.

Also healthier food outlets will help as people who are hungry and have come there for food will get whatever there is on the menu and will be less tempted to buy something unhealthy and buy something healthy instead. Another way to improve the diets of young people is to have a hard hitting campaign showing children their future and the consequences of eating an unbalanced diet if they don’t start eating a healthy diet now. They may and may not work as it kind of depends on the children if they take the campaign to heart and reconsider their actions and consider the fact of the campaign.

If it works the children will start eating healthier to maintain and healthy future and adulthood. They will worry about how they want their life to be like in the near or far future. The government could also change the food provided in school canteen to get children to get into the habit of eating healthier food options and set them of a good example and how to eat a balanced diet. This will show the children that eating healthy foods won’t do any harm but will do the opposite and will hopefully get them to find a healthy food option that they enjoy and eat it instead of the unhealthy foods they usually eat.

The people who have packed lunch can also be set an example from this and they can see what kind of foods they should be eating during their lunch break. Another option is to do more advertising of healthy foods. We all know that there is always some kind of advertising for unhealthy foods on every street. Whether it’s Kfc, McDonalds or a poster on a corner shop wall. Have you ever seen and advert for something healthy? For example some fruit or vegetables? Or Maybe Bread, pasta or cereal?

I think even some healthy advertising will some difference, people may well realise that they need to be healthier just by looking at the posters or the adverts might just persuade them into buying something healthy. I also hope that this mere talk just reminded and made people reconsider their food and healthy or unhealthy life style options and from now on for people to think carefully before deciding to eat something because as you all know it may as well affect our entire future.