Gun Violence and Its Relationship to Gun Control

The issue of gun violence has been a platform for many politicians and subject to heavy discussion on the best methods to quell the destruction of lives that the violence causes. Statistics are shocking, with the majority of gun violence generating from the youth, yet many politicians refuse to take action. The prevalence of gun violence in society gives rise to the question: who is responsible for the gun-related crimes?

There are several groups that have been accused of causing the gun violence epidemic, yet the ultimate liability remains unclear. This inevitably leads to the issue of gun control, a hotly debated subject for many years, as each side refuses to meet in the middle or compromise their beliefs. The need to examine this issue is apparent as discussion merely leads politicians to more questions instead of solutions. On April 7, 2007, there was a brawl inside a Las Vegas strip club instigated by NFL Titan’s quarterback Pacman Jones.

Outside the club, an unknown assailant with a handgun began shooting randomly into the crowd. Two victims walked out of the hospital on their own volition; one will never walk again. Even with his extremely high levels of constant pain, Tommy Urbansky considers himself lucky: he survived (Reilly, 80). The sad truth is that gun violence is so much a part of American society that many people no longer take notice of it. They see reports on television news or read about it newspapers or online and it fails to touch their lives.

Yet, each day more than eighty people die in the United States each day as a result of gun violence, and the death rate of children under fifteen is twelve times higher in the U. S. than in twenty-five other countries combined. Unfortunately, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), is severely under-funded and unable to properly regulate the sale of firearms (“Statistics: Gun Violence in Our Communities”). “Guns have made a combat zone of our country, wreaking havoc from the inner city to rural communities” (Felker)

Obama’s new administration has appeared unwilling to deal directly with the National Rifle Association regarding the vast increase in the number of guns in America, many of which are owned by people with little regard for “law or human life” (Mashek). In one week in March of this year, there have been numerous events that give rise to the issue of gun violence: • In a North Caroline small town, a gunman charged into a nursing home full of Alzheimer’s patients killing a nurse and seven of the elderly victims

• Of all the weapons that are in the possession of Mexican drug cartels, 90% have come from the United States, resulting in the murders of judges, police and innocent bystanders • Four police officers delivering a warrant were buried in Oakland after the subject killed all of them to avoid being taken down • A man in Phoenix called the Serial Shooter was sentenced after killing six and injuring ten over a period of two years (Mashek) The time has come to act.