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            In America, the most common crime problem is those considered violent where the victim is threatened and abused physically. To make it worse, there have been guns involved that came to the awareness of many people. Every year the cause of death of approximately thirty thousand Americans is suicide, homicide, or accidental abuse through the use of gun. Furthermore, there are about hundreds of thousands people who were victimized by gun crime, not to mention the fear it brought to the public.

            There is no precise count of guns in America, maybe one thing that the U.S. government would do to attain an accurate count of guns is to have a surprise visit or raid in every corner in the country but it should be simultaneous otherwise it would defeat the purpose. The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms have no idea of the number of guns that were illegaly imported or exported each year. But this does not mean that there is a poor implementation of gun control in the U.S.

            There are groups in the U.S. which demand the universal registration of firearms. These groups include Handgun Control Inc. and the “Million” Mom March Foundation. These groups advocate the responsible ownership of guns. This is also a way to make things easy for the police when it comes to identifying the lost and stolen guns. But then, there are groups who opposed to this advocacy because this will not work because it would only mean additional expenses.

            The United Nation already held a conference discussing the elimination of the firearms private transfer around the world. United Nations also said that this does not mean that they are medling with each county’s sovereignity; they are just after the welfare of evry people across the globe.

            Gun violence is something that is uncertain for it is not sure if it will be affected by gun control laws. As for this case there is still a need to know if the restrictive legislation will barred the people from their access to firearms which in return bring a decrease in criminal violence. This is the center of the issue that will determine the direction os the attacks from camps that have different views on the matter. To make things worse, not all the studies that were done holds the one hundred percent reliability because of the errors committed in the methods used. On the lighter side of things, assumptions based from ideologies were transformed or altered for the benefit of the people involved; this can also be seen in the works of people in the academe. There is the raise of doubts with regards to the scholars’ assumptions and the result of their findings though there could not be any traced eveidence that the two are related. There is still the room for the violations of the canons of research and statistics.(DeZee)

            The U.S. National Institute of Justice had done a survey among the criminals who were arrested because of gun crime. It was found out that the most common reason why these criminals acquire a gun in the first place is for their self-protection that comprises 58%, while the least answered reason for acquiring a gun, is for crime purposes, that comprises 28%. This shows that many gun criminals have thought of protecting theirselves through the use of gun. But little they thought of that as their reflection to not use “their means of protection” agaisnt other people for their personal gains.

            The which is a center for activism held a study to find out the statististics in gun ownership. The study shows that in the US homes, 40% of them own guns; the topic per se is a determinant to which candidate they would vote for in the Congressional election, this comprises 81%; the gun ownership should have little rules that would regulate the acquisition, that came from 91% of the Americans and; furthermore there should have big regulations on how to acquire a gun, and there should also be a part where they can restrict a person on getting a gun.(“Gun Control”)

            The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS) conducted a survey in 2005; it was found out that the victims of violent crimes say that they have encountered an offender using a firearm. This victims are large because they constitute a total of 477, 040. Also in that year, out of 4.7 million violent crimes like rape and sexual assault, robbery, and aggravated and simple assault, 9% of those crime used firearms. Lastly, according to FBI’s Crime record, in U.S. during 2004 there are 66% of 16, 317 murders that is caused by firearms.(“Firearms and Crime Statistics”)

            There is a question that was raised by many concerned citizens, where do these criminals get their guns? In the findings done by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, they stated that the source of criminal weapons is stolen guns. In 1991 they conducted a survey among the State prison Inamtes. It was found out that among them, 9% got their guns from a theft while 28% got it from an unauthorized and not licensed dealers. Among the inmates, they have stolen a minimum of one gun, this constitutes 10%, on the other hand 11% of them had either undergone “buy & sell” of guns.(Zawitz)

            There also has been study on the origin of guns around the world. The study revealed that in 1994, 78% of the guns that were traced came from the United States of America, while other sources of guns are countries like Brazil, Germany, China, Austria, Italy, and Spain garnering  5%, 3%, 3%, 3%, 2%, 2% of the total percent of traced guns respectively.

The Second AmendmentThe U.S. House of Representatives is the one in charge of the passing of the second amendment of the controversial bill or the “Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act”. With 283-144 vote, there has been the final approval of Congress with the said bill.  The Act of Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms states that there is prohibiton of filing civil lawsuit against the people or companies who sell and manufacture any sorts of firearms and its parts. The bearing of this is if the firearm is used with the violation of the law, furthermore it leads to any damages.(Longley) But there are also instances where a lawsuit could be filed against gun makers. These instances are: 1.) when the acquisition of firearms is for the purpose of committing a crime of violence or drug trafficking and the gun makers know that; 2.) there was violation of laws during the transfer; 3.) the warranty and the terms of agreement upon purchasing has been violated; 4.)  there have been serious damages like physical injuries, worse death or property damage that were caused by defect of the acquired product.(Longley) This bill is sponsored by U.S. Sen. Larry Craig.The bill was seen by the opposing party as a way for the gun industry to get away with cases of negligence-based lawsuits; and it also paralyzed the operation of Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives against fake gun dealers. But the bill serves as a solution to the increasing count of unsolved lawsuits against gun manufacturers whose products were used in crimes.


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