Gun Control Is Essential to the World

Let’s talk about guns. It’s an iffy topic, maybe not for the dinner table or at family gatherings (although it might end up that way). Guns. A firearm weapon used for exactly as it sounds. To cause harm to someone. Whether that be an animal, a human, or a part of our environment. Policemen have them on their sides. Maybe someone in your class says that their dad has one in the safe in his closet. Just in case.

Guns. Every single day 32 American people are killed by the use of a gun. The next person affected could be your little sister, your neighbor, you. Why? Because we weren’t concerned enough. We weren’t careful enough. Sure we posted about how much we were affected and we offered our thoughts and prayers. Thoughts and prayers do not stand a chance against bullets with mentally unstable people behind them. Don’t get me wrong, sympathy is appreciated. By families, by government, by everyone involved. But it’s just not enough. We need change, and what we wish we could do isn’t going to change anything.

However, lots of Americans have another idea of what guns are and what they stand for. Lots of Americans who think the good outweighs the bad. We have the basic, the second amendment argument. It’s unconstitutional to take away our firearms. It goes against OUR country’s promise. But does that constitute lives being lost everyday, and their families left to wonder why they’re not home yet? Obviously the focus isn’t on our country if you can turn your head at the lives lost.

How much of the time are guns actually used for protection? 48 percent of gun owners say they own a gun mainly for protection.There was an article written for the National Public Radio by Samantha Raphelson back in early 2018. She talked about how SO many people claim that they own their gun for protection and simply would not feel safe without it. She compared that amount of times guns are actually used for protection. She wrote that according to a Harvard University Analysis of figures from the National Crime Victimization Survey, people defended themselves with a gun in nearly 0.9 percent of crimes from 2007 to 2011.

Whereas the number for how many people SAY they’re strictly for survival and protection. Even if they are, it hasn’t proven to work well enough to risk the lives of the rest of the world. Because that’s what they’re doing by coming to the rescue of such an inhumane object. Risking lives.

You always hear the same “Pro-Gun” argument. “If you take away guns, they’ll find something else to harm people with if that’s their intent.” And maybe that’s true, maybe they will. But that’s better than them being able to take lives with the move of their finger. It’s better than it being easy for them. You hear of shootings that took weeks or even months of planning, but those aren’t the only ones. Say a student had his worst day on top of all the others and couldn’t do it anymore. His dad keeps a gun for protection. He had a thought, and he has complete access to cause pain to himself, or others. Whatever he wants. In the moment, later, whenever. Anyone can.

We are ALL afraid of guns. If not for yourself, for the billions of children whose lives are in danger because they just don’t know if they can trust the next person who walks through those gates. Because we don’t ever know. As I said, every single day 32 Americans are killed by a gun. Gun control is essential to our country and to the world. Handguns given to civilians is a heated debate and has been for quite a minute. The question is how much does it matter to you?