Gun Control Research Paper

Thompson also uses logic in her argument, as she demonstrates how the studies that support gun control may have been biased. She also makes reference to the logic-based idea that “all of the research about concealed-carry laws has been eclipsed by a comprehensive study by University of Chicago law professor John Lott” (Thompson 541).

In using the data provided by this law professor, Thompson appeals to the logic of her readers, as credibility for systematic research is gained by the academic and legal status of the researcher. Certain studies of the concealed carry of gun, she argues, are likely to have given data that places the possession of guns by the public in a bad light based on the time-period covered by the study. She identifies the method of comparison utilizing “cross-sectional data” (541).

The comparison of this kind of data she argues cannot be trusted as they are taken from two differing areas. The differences in the areas are rarely noted by those who perform these studies, and any comparisons or contrasts highlighted in such studies are likely to be overstated. The arguments made by Sarah Thompson and Nan Desuka are designed to be convincing to their readers by appealing to their sense of logic, ethics, and to their sentiments.

These appeals have been made successfully through the corresponding use of logos, ethos, and pathos in their explanations of why gun control is necessary or a travesty in the United States. The arguments made by each writer are in opposition to each other. Despite this, the ideas presented by each are convincing at least on some level. They provide deeper insight into the gun control issue and give material for thought so that readers can make more informed decisions about the issue.

Yet, the interest of the readers is also heightened by the effective appeals made to the ethical and sentimental ties that people (as citizens of this democracy) have to the issue of gun control.

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