Guatanamo Bay

Date Gautanamo bay prison or detention camp is located in one of the Guatanamo bay’s shores in south eastern part of Cuba. The camps are operated by the government of the United States of America. The detention facility is found on the Guatanamo Bay Naval base. The base was in the early 1970s used to hold Haitian and Cuban refugees who were trying to cross and enter United States of America. In 1993 the United States Supreme Court ruled that the camp could not continue holding the refugees and for sometime the facility was closed.

After the September Eleventh terrorist attack the facility was re established with the intention of holding the people who were described as enemy combatants. The detention camp has been constructed in stages since 2002. It has been used to house the militants who have been suspected to have taken part in the terrorists’ activities in the world. On the same year the center began receiving suspected members of the terrorist group al Qaeda. Over the year the camp has been used to detain hundred of prisoners from different parts of the world.

It has mainly been housing the terror suspects who have been arrested due to various terror activities which have taken place in different parts of the world. Since the re establishment of the detention camp for the purpose of holding the terrorist suspects, United States government has received several accusations on the way it treated the people it was holding in the facility. (Kellner, D 2003) The human rights organizations have criticized the United States for treating the prisoners unfairly. They have been held in the facility without being accorded the rights enjoyed by the prisoners in America.

Most of the detainees are held without the option of legal counsel, since these people are considered as enemy combatants the authorities have argued that they are not protected under the Geneva code as they are not prisoners of war. Investigations have been carried out through means which have been described by the human rights activists as inhuman. Bush administration maintained that the detainee in Guatanamo Bay were not obliged to be granted the basic constitutional rights which other prisoners in the United States receive as it did not consider them as prisoners of war.

To the Bush administration these people were classified as enemy combatants and could only be subjected to the military trials. (Goldsmith, J 2007) The camp received repeated condemnation from various international human rights organization and foreign government on the way it treated the detainees which was tantamount to the violation of human rights. The Administration responded to the criticism by insisting that the detainees were well taken care of and none of them has been subjected to torture as claimed by the human rights organizations.

This was contrary to the reports that were issued later pointing out on the torture of the suspects. One of the officers in charge of the facility admitted that one of the detainees who were suspected to have participated in the September eleventh attack could not be arraigned in court and persecuted at the moment as he has been tortured. The administration claimed that the method used to interrogate the detainees was humane enough and has yielded fruits as they were closing in on some of the suspects.