Group Work Summary

Analyse and evaluate your syndicate’s development and functioning as a group or team according to relevant theories and models you encountered in class or in your reading. Discuss your own roles in the syndicate and consider leadership issues. What would you do differently, given your experience and this analysis, to enhance the performance of the group and the satisfaction of its members?

Being made-up of people teams are both enriched and impaired by the human activities and deficiencies. According to Larson & La Fasto, 1989 “A team is a unit of two or more people who interact and coordinate their work to accomplish a specific goal”. In our team, relations were very neutral whereas there was no personal and positive relation which is the foremost positive point for success of any team.

In our team we were four students in a group and out of them three of us belongs to the same nationality(Indian) and the fourth guy was from Thailand which makes actually easy for us to communicate with each other and as we almost share a common culture which also helps us to make our understanding somewhat easier.

To come with a high success in results work team effectiveness plays a vital rule as it mainly based on two outcomes: productive output, and personal output. satisfaction relates to the team’s ability to meet the personal needs of its members and hence maintain their membership and commitment whereas productive outputs relates to the quality and quantity of task outputs which again was some where missing in our group Normally.

There are five stages in the life of a group, forming, the initial stage in which members become familiar with each other and as in our class there are all eight student and in the class we had discussion about groups and we make group with four guys. Second process is storming in which members develop a group structure and pattern of interaction; in our team as we divide work in a sub group of two so every group of two have given