Group Behavior Analysis Paper Example

My paper is on group behavior in the work place. Group behavior is formed in situations where people interact in large or small groups. Working together employees coordinate their behavior to achieve a goal. The field of group dynamics deals with small groups that may reach consensus and act in a coordinated way. Groups of a large number of people in a given area may act simultaneously to achieve a goal that differs from what individuals would act alone. In large groups when people gather together will likely show different of how group’s behaviors are formed to develop a relationship that interact in many ways to achieve a common goal.

Balancing the right personalities together in the workplace is often times difficult for an employer or an organization. Employee in a group setting will show how different attitudes are key elements for measuring the success or failure of an organization. Attitudes reflect a person’s likes/dislike toward another person, object, events, and activities in his/her environment. Studies show how vital employee attitudes toward work, and supervision, pay, benefits, promotion, or anything that might trigger positive or negative reaction of employee is important in groups. Gradual changes to attitude very likely affect and could build a person’s work behavior that is being discussed in this study.

Group behaviors in an organization could be great or could hinder success in an organization. When several different personalities and individual feelings, believes develop into group work behavior which later paves the way for organizational culture can become competition for gaining resources, authority, power, attention and status. The competition is not just for resources but for ideas too. One person in a group wants to have his/her ideas to be used. Groups should be formed by top management to ensure the employees have a clear periodic goals, focused efforts and on-going individual feedback to bring out the best from them. Individuals will be could brief positive and healthy impact on organization bottom line performance. Everyone at workplace, from senior executives to the front line staff, should understand the importance and ways of aligning his/her performance with the organization’s vision, values, and strategic priorities.