Grid Organization Development

One of the most structured and popular organization wise interventions programs in OD is Grid OD, developed by psychologist Robert Blake and Jane Mouton (1964,1969)

This approach to OD emphasizes the importance of both helping managers become more effective and systematically creating and ideal strategic model to guide organizational planning and actions. This OD intervention uses a variety of specially designed diagnostic instruments that enable individuals and groups to study their own behaviour and identify areas that need improvement.

Grid and management Styles

Grid OD proposes those two fundamental dimensions of leader behaviour are essential for understanding managerial effectiveness. a.Concern for peopleb.Concern for results

Concern for people refers to the consideration of social and interpersonal concern of others, concern for results involves issues of quality, quantity and overall effectiveness of work outputs.

The graphical presentation of the model illustrates the concept further.

The Leadership Grid above identifies five basic managerial styles.

•1.1 Impoverished Management: managers falling under this category are just going through their jobs without any real contributions. They are primarily concerned with keeping their jobs and are of little or no value in OD. •9.1 Authority Compliance task Management : Emphasis is on results and hence creativity and initiative of the subordinates is likely to be stifled. Low concern for interpersonal relationships is also likely to result in low cohesion amongst the group members.

•1.9 Country Cub Management: the focus of the 1,9 managers is on creating work environments with pleasant social environment positive interpersonal relationships. They are primarily concerned with people and their feelings, attitudes and needs rather than results. • 5.5 Middle of the Road Management : these mangers have a moderate concern for people and results. They use this managerial style to balance employee morale with acceptable levels of work outputs. They try to resolve conflicts through accommodation and compromise.

•9.9 Team Management : The 9,9 manager demonstrate high concern for people and results and views these two dimensions of leadership as complementary rather than antagonistic. There is an attempt to integrate personal goals of the employees with the organizational goals through participative decision making. By developing work teams that utilize team members’ contributions in an interdependent way, 9,9 managers simultaneously promote high morale and productivity.

One of the most important assumptions of Grid OD is that 9,9 management style is the most effective approach for all managers in all the organization.

From an OD perspective, helping managers move to a 9,9 managerial style represent critical component of organizational change process. However, for this to happen , it must be preceded by a change in organization’s culture.