Grid-Connected Photovoltaic Solar Power System

a) Photovoltaic solar power systems are environmentally beneficial because they release no harmful pollutants or emissions such as CO2. These systems operate throughout the day, implying it is sunny, and do not rely greatly on other power sources to operate, thus there is less of a toll on the environment in terms of external resource usage. An environmental cost of photovoltaic systems is the manufacturing of these systems that uses energy and could possibly contribute to more atmospheric pollution, such as installation that can be damaging to the surface of our envirionment.

b) The ideal system for homeowner is the grid connected system in which excess power can be produced than be sold back to the industry and reduces the immediate debt of the system, making it extremely convenient and satisfying for homeowners that are skeptical of investing in any of these solar-capturing devices, because of the potential for these devices to be effective and justifiable over time, however arranging for grid interconnection can be tedious and difficult. On the other hand with standalone systems, they are proven to be more cost efficient than power lines.

However, with standalone, surplus power gained would be wasted or be preserved in a battery that the system runs on, following this further, standalone systems are also dependent on a battery source to operate during the night, and in standalone systems like the Hybrid we see the need for other and more additional sources of energy like wind or diesel, that ultimately defeat the purpose to the development and use of these solar capturing devices.

c) These systems are complex and in order to promote such an idea, government and industry would need to educate the masses about the benefits of photovoltaic systems through advertising and informing with television, infomercials, and magazine articles or even a general website on these systems sponsored by the companies that design and distribute them. Also another way to sway potential consumers is if the government could assist by making these systems more readily available and affordable through tax breaks if the consumer commits to a 2 to 3 year contract.

d) Homeowner can consider installing windows facing south to keep their homes cool from the sun