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Attention: When you think of friendship bracelets, you probably think of 11 year old girl scouts trading macramé at the arts and crafts table, but that couldn’t be any farther from the truth. An online article published in 1995 titled “Friendship Bracelets” states that friendship is universal, and these pieces of jewelry can be shared between anyone, be they young, old, boy or girl. In fact, since its invention some thousands of years ago, these bracelets have most prominently been used among men of different cultures as a sign of loyalty and friendship.

The tradition of the friendship bracelet indicates that a person must wear it until it falls off naturally to ensure a lifelong friendship between the maker and the recipient of the bracelet.

Credibility: I’ve made many different types of friendship bracelets, from the simple braid, to the more difficult “wave” pattern. Overall, I’ve made about a hundred friendship bracelets to either wear myself or give as gifts to friends. I’ve also watched and read countless tutorials on the various kinds of braids used to make these bracelets.

Motivate audience: Not only are friendship bracelets great and inexpensive ways to add to your jewelry collection, but they are also great gifts that come from the heart and anyone will enjoy! Thesis statement: Creating a beautiful piece of jewelry for yourself or your friends is as easy as taking a few pieces of string, cutting them to a desired length and braiding them together.

(transition) The first step in creating a friendship bracelet is to..


I. Gather a few pieces of string A. Pick the type of material you want 1. Some various choices for friendship bracelets are yarn, embroidery thread, paracord, hemp cord, leather string and nylon.

B. Pick the colors you want 1. You can choose any color you want that you feel will look good braided together. 2. Some colors have different meanings and should be taken into consideration if you’re giving the bracelet to a friend. a) Braceletbook,com, a website specializing in the making of all types of bracelets listed the following colors and their meanings: Green stands for responsibility, red stands for honesty, pink stands for kindness, yellow stands for cheerfulness, orange stands for energy, blue stands for loyalty, and black stands for strength.

(transition) After you’ve chosen your material, then you must..

II. Cut the pieces to a desired length A. Depending on how long or short you want the bracelet to be and what kind of design you’re creating, you should cut it anywhere from 12 to 24 inches. 1. For my bracelet, I cut it a little bit longer at 39 inches, or one meter.

III. Braid the pieces together. A. There are many ways to braid a bracelet 1. Some are very simple, like the three strand braid, while others are more difficult and take a longer amount of time, like the heart braid. B. The braid I’ve chosen to demonstrate is known as the chevron braid. 1. The chevron braid is the second most common braid, aside from the simple three-stranded braid pattern.

2. Making a chevron braid friendship braid is simple. a) First, you take the strands you’ve chosen to use and knot them all together, leaving about three inches at the top. b) Then, you take the right outermost strand and knot it into the other pieces until you get to the middle. Repeat on the other side with the left outermost strand.

c) Once the two outermost strands have been braided to the middle, knot those together and begin with the second outermost strand, which is now the outside strand. d) Repeat until you have a full bracelet and tie it off. It is optional to simply braid the two ends at each side of the bracelet. This can make it easier to tie onto your wrist.


Summary/Re-state Thesis: Regardless of gender or age, friendship bracelets are a great way to make new friends and appreciate the ones that you have right now. And all you have to do is gather a few pieces of string, cut them to a desired length, and braid them together.


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