Great Education Leaders

Leadership by definition is a person who guides or inspires others. In corporate America, we can consider Jack Welch a true pioneer in defining leadership. Jack Welch was able to lead and make General Electric a very competitive enterprise in the world (100 Ventures) during the 1980s. Jack Welch is bringing his lifelong management skills to a new online university program (Glader, 2009).


Jack Welch was born in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1935. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in chemical engineering. In 1960, Jack Welch joined General Electric and worked his way through the ranks to become the Chairman and CEO of GE, making him the eighth and youngest leader (Woopidoo- Biographies- Business Leaders). During his 20 year reign of General Electric, one of Americas largest and most well known companies Jack Welch's management skills became almost legendary (Woopidoo- Biographies- Business Leaders).

His no nonsense leadership style gave him a reputation of being hard, but fair when making business decisions and his style of leadership has been used a model in corporate America. His techniques have been studied and implemented in the U.S. Army (Day, 2001). Jack Welch’s success was the ability to effectively communicating keys ideas, and constantly repeating them to ensure all employees shared the organization’s goals.

Goals In order to become a leader, people should lead more and manage less. As a leader, goals or vision must be created to ignite an organization and make those goals into reality (100 Ventures). Do not micro manage instead inspire others to execute the goals of the organization. Jack believed in seeing change as an opportunity. Change is going to happen and the willingness to change is actually strength. Much has been said and written about Jack Welch and his success.

Many managers struggle daily to lead and inspire their subordinates to perform. In order to close the gap in a lack of leadership in the business world, Jack believes in educating then next generation of leaders (Glader, 2009). Education

Jack has partnered with Chancellor University and plans to use his methods of teaching leadership. Chancellor University will name its Master of Business Administration program “The Jack Welch Institute.” Jack says the MBA program will integrate his philosophy and human resources into a 12-course curriculum designed for managers (Glader, 2009). Conclusion

Since retiring in 2001, Jack, 73, has taught management classes at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Glader, 2009). He has written many books about leadership and has shared his success throughout his life. The one key lesson from Jack every manager should practice is, “Genuine leadership comes from the quality of your vision and your ability to spark others to extraordinary performance,” (100 Ventures).

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