Grant Proposal

This paper is all about this scenario; imagine that your team is the planning unit in your local police department. The chief of police has told you that a philanthropist in town is considering giving a $100,000 grant to a worthy cause in the department. The chief has charged your team with deciding how, when, and where that money will be spent. This proposal will show what the award money will be used for within our communities along with why, when and where these services are needed.

It will outline the costs for these proposed changes and how to maintain these costs in the future. The chief of police told our team that there was going to be philanthropist in town whom would be considering giving our department a large grant to a worthy cause within our department. This grant will help the police department and the communities take care of their budgeting issues while bring more jobs in to the community.

They will be able to clean up the neighborhoods and make our streets and make it safe for our kids as well as our older adults. The grant will also be used for adding more men and women on the community police force so they can protect our community. Since the city has not raised their taxes within two years, because the economy is such in a turmoil. Although throughout our community crime has been a huge issue within our neighborhoods.

Such as murders, rapes, auto thefts and robberies this grant will give our chief of police and the department new community officers trained so to enhance their skills when catching these criminals committing their crimes. The philanthropist whom gave this money wanted the Chief and the police department to be successful in catching these criminals so they decided to awarded the department 100,000 in order for them to be significant while helping there budget which will keep men and women in blue on our city streets.

Since these officers have entered our community the crime rate has dropped significantly. These officers have made our community a much safer place to live by having more men and women out walking their beats or patrolling in their cars. This funding has helped the police officers as well as the community a better place for everyone to live, while making housing more affordable for low income family.

Having a philanthropist who is willing to give such a generous gift to the ocal police department could be seen as a rare opportunity to update certain areas of the department that have possibly been overlooked due to the economic and budgeting downfalls, one of those areas being the addition of more patrol officers. The first thing that would have to happen is to figure out exactly when to add these additional officers, the easy answer would be to make the addition as soon as possible but that is not always the best way to go about doing such a task. A timeline must be built to best select the new officers that will become a part of the patrol force.

Applications and resume’s must be gone through with a fine tooth comb, the decision also has to be make if the department is going to choose a person they have to put through training or an officer that may have been let go due to budgetary issues before this gift was given, if the latter is chosen it will make an opportunity to hire more than just one or two officers. After this decision is made and the applications and resumes have all been compiled the interviewing will take place, this can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on how many applicants there are to choose from.

The testing levels will be the same for any of the applicants a physical assessment, a written test and an in person interview. After the interview process is done and the potential candidates have been selected the final steps to hiring can begin, meaning background processing, drug testing, making sure fingerprints are on file, as well as whatever other certifications are needed. Once this is all completely finished and the candidates have passed each of the necessary background checks they then can begin getting the proper equipment, uniforms as well as begin training.

This entire process can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months so the sooner the department decides this is what they want to do with the generous gift. Using this gift towards the wages of the new officers will help the department from being stretched too thin on patrols for as long as it lasts, the only pit falls may come from when the money runs out and the department now has to budget just how to keep the officers. Our team has been given a significant amount of money to help a police department increase their ability to do patrols within a police department area.

However, when a location is being decided it is important to take a few things into factor. These factors are: location, community size, amount of crime in that area and the number of patrols already on duty on a given shift. From what I have read in the papers, the locations that are suffering the most is larger cities due to major budget cuts. The reason that these areas suffer the most is because there are more areas that need to be patrolled due to higher crime and the populations are so large that it requires a larger number of police officers to do these patrols.

However, they are suffering the most because they have to cut back which means that the officers that they are allowed to keep, have to patrol more areas in less time. This leads to higher crime rates because the officers have to drive through the area quickly since they have to travel longer distances. My opinion would be to put the money into a city that is suffering due to their budget cuts on their patrols. A key area is Portland, Oregon, as they have had to cut back on almost half of their officers just in the city police alone. That does not include the state patrol, sheriffs or the county departments.

Portland also has a very high crime rate with fewer officers to deal with it. The city of Portland would be very successful by being able to add more officers in to their patrols of the communities and actually be able to focus more in the high crime areas because of the added help. In the long run it could help reduce crime by a significant amount in just the first year. This in turn would make the community feel safer because they know there are officers that are actually patrolling their communities multiple times though out the day and night. By doing that it would lead to more support from the community to the police department.

When a community feels the support from their law enforcement agency they are willing to support their police department more in the end, which means when a crime does happen they are more willing to give up known information in order to help the police find the criminal to help solve the crime and prosecute the criminal. Our team was recently told by the chief of police that there will be a philanthropist in town whom will be considering giving a large grant to a worthy cause within the department. This brings great news to the department and the community because the budget issues have affected the city greatly.

Our local police department in is in need of more patrol officer in the area, because of the budgeting issues the department has laid off many officers which has made a huge impact on the community and its crime rate. The city has had budget issues for some time and the layoffs have been hard on the community as a whole. My team would like to propose to have the funds used to hire more community patrol officers to be patrolling on the street. The lack of the officers on the street have led to higher crime rates in the areas under question, as well as some calls being ignored such as burglary.

The city and community need the safety of all law enforcement agencies and without the man power and or larger number of officers on patrol the crime rate will continue to rise. The officers should also feel that they are safe by having more units on the streets with them, the more man power the safer and more sufficient they can do their job. The funding to hire more community officers will also give the officers who were laid off the opportunity to work again as well as save money on the city by not having to hire new officer and have the cost of training them.

These men were part of the department at one point and would be in everyone’s best interest to continue to provide them with employment and benefits. Budget Proposal With the awarded funds, training and employment of 4 community officers will allow the community to show force by having more officers on foot patrol within the areas that have the highest crime rates and help to reduce the occurrence of these crimes. The following is the outline of the budget, for the costs of using new recruits and then again for already laid off trained officers. This is to utilize a backup resource and to save funds on the training of new employees.