Graduate School Evaluation Assignment

l. Even though they are a Catholic school, they openly accept all faiths and backgrounds. {. Physical Facilities li. The facilities are school trailers and I’ve read from current students that they are pretty cramped. |. Reputation/Ranking lii. Since it isn’t accredited, Regis School of Pharmacy is unranked. I’ve read from preceptors that the students are as competent as those from CU School of Pharmacy. }. Research/Academic Focus liii. The research areas of the faculty are as diverse as their backgrounds.

The main academic focus is on training future pharmacists for the profession’s new era. Team-based learning is helpful for the pharmacist’s transition into clinical teams in hospitals and managed care. This team-based learning occurs over time and you operate in teams of 5-7 students. This develops interpersonal skills and team problem-solving that is relevant to the future of pharmacy. ~. Resources for Research/Libraries/Study liv. Very little resources as the facilities are limited and the school is only 4 years old.

This may be an issue for me as I’m very research oriented. . Size of Program/University lv. The University is private and relatively small. Only about 2,600 students are in the health science programs, and about 300 in the pharmacy school. Only 75 seats are available each year. . State Regulations/Residency Requirements . Community lvi. The community around Regis is pretty nice. It’s on the West side of Denver, close to the mountains. Snowboarding is one of my favorite activities, which I hope to do if I find the time during school.

3. University of Washington School of Pharmacy (UW) . Accreditation Status lvii. Fully accredited by the ACPE lviii. Public . Admission Standards lix. Top ranked school lx. Minimum GPA: 2. 9; Average GPA: 3. 5 lxi. Minimum PCAT Composite: 25th percentile with at least 60th percentile in chemistry lxii. 2 Letters of Reference; teachers or pharmacists lxiii. On-Site Interviews lxiv. Personal Statement lxv. Background Check lxvi. Complete all pre-pharmacy coursework (I have these planned out for myself on a spreadsheet lxvii.

Approximately 100 seats are available each year. . Career Assistance lxviii. Through Alumni Program and Continuing Education, it is easier to get employed. With the multitude of clinical rotations, there are many opportunities to meet future employers. . Cost/Financial Aid lxix. Annually, tuition costs are about $45,000. lxx. I may be able to get in-state status after the first year and pay $25,000 per year. lxxi. A $1,000 scholarship is available for academic performance and leadership. lxxii. Financial aid is available through the FAFSA. . Culture

lxxiii. They state that their goal is to foster lifelong learners and future teachers. This is important to me because I could see myself teaching pharmacology in a university in the distant future. The school has also been around for over 150 years. lxxiv. Fun fact: the inventor of Blistex attended in the 1910’s. . Degrees Offered lxxv. PharmD, PhD in Pharmaceutics, PhD in Medicinal Chemistry, and an accelerated dual program (PharmD/PhD) lxxvi. The dual program is of interest to me, but it may be too long of a time commitment for my family.

lxxvii. Community Pharmacy Residency lxxviii. Fellowship in Immunology Therapeutics/Solid Organ Transplantation lxxix. Fellowship in Pharmacokinetics lxxx. Fellowship in Pharmaceutical Outcomes Research and Policy . Faculty lxxxi. Research includes: Epilepsy and pharmacokinetics, drug interactions and individualizing drug therapy, antibiotic resistance, genomics, education, and more. lxxxii. The faculty seems to have more pharmacy experience than most other schools. . Location lxxxiii. UW is located in downtown Seattle.

. Multicultural Opportunities lxxxiv. Very multicultural friendly; ranked top 25 GLBTQ-friendly college; tribal relations and native life; minority affairs & diversity; disability services. . Physical Facilities lxxxv. State-of-the-art facilities with high-tech classrooms and research labs. . Reputation/Ranking lxxxvi. Ranked #10 pharmacy school in the nation. lxxxvii. Over 100 years old and a member of the AACP lxxxviii. The school is very health education oriented, with schools of dentistry, medicine, nursing and more. . Research/Academic Focus